International Education

Tips From The Mysterious Travel Guru

On my way to Rome, I shared a train car with a girl who happened to be from my county back in the States. (The world is both larger and smaller than I realized.) On the ride there, we discussed a lot of things, but more than anything we exchanged tips and questions about our travel habits. She has been much more nomadic than I have, but we came to a lot of similar conclusions about our time away from our hometown.


Namely, there are a few tips that apply to almost every traveler, from the backpacker to the textbook tourist:

  1. If you need to navigate somewhere, go to a cafe or place that offers free Wi-Fi to look up your destination, THEN begin walking there. You only require Wi-Fi to look up places. Your GPS will do the rest.
  2. Take free walking tours when you can. 
  3. DON'T sleep immediately after arriving to your destination. Try to walk around a bit to stave off jet-lag. 
  4. If you find yourself acquiring too many things during your travels, ship some of them home as you go. 
  5. If you're coming from the U.S. or somewhere far from your destination, see if it might be cheaper to fly to a neighboring country or area rather than directly to your destination, and then take a train to where you want to go. You get to save money while exploring new places.
  6. If you want to make friends abroad, consider hostels as apposed to hotels, where you'll likely be sharing a room and living space.
  7. Less is often way more. For trips requiring a lot of walking (which almost all sight-seeing expeditions do), pack light and don't take anything you wouldn't be comfortable carrying for several hours. 


I must say though, the best advice I got from her is to share your knowledge as you gain it. If other people can benefit from what you know, tell them! Don't let others make your mistakes if you can help it. 

Knowledge is power and whatnot.