International Education

Walking On Water (The Floating Piers, Part 1)

A few days ago, I heard about an interesting art installation that was open to the public for only two weeks. A floating path, connecting Sulzano to Monte Isola and a little island called San Paolo, allows you to walk directly over Lake Iseo by going onthe water, not above it like a bridge.

So naturally, when I heard about this, my thoughts were: It's only a few hours away. I have time this weekend. It's totally free.

I was desperate to do this, partially because the timing and location were so convenient, but also since I've never had the opportunity to witness an installation like this in person. Travelling for me is all about once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so I wasn't going to let this one slip away if I could help it.

I took along (student) filmmaker and present roommate, Jenna, to share the experience with me (while also making sure I did not fall into the water). It was quite a....time getting there (and back), but I must say Monte Isola did not disappoint. The views were gorgeous.

The cool thing is that the path is fabric and sits right on the surface of the water, and it undulates with the movement of the waves.

It was pretty crowded, which came as no surprise since The Piers have been drawing tens of thousands each day. But it never felt over-stuffed or dangerous. There was plenty of room to move around without fear of getting knocked off the edge. And you can actually cross pretty quickly if you want to.

And once we crossed, there were restaurants, gelato shops, lots of tourists, and some interesting wildlife.

It was quite...a day, but I would say The Floating Piers delivered. Would I walk on water again? Absolutely.