International Education

Where I'm Going & Why (Part 1)

Location: Genoa, Italy
Duration: 2 months
Objective: Work & study

I'm incredibly excited to embark on my first European adventure! In preparation for all of the blog posts and updates to come, I thought it might be wise to explain my trip and what I hope to get from it. So for those of you wondering, here's a bit of background on my summer plans and goals, and how my research, work and abroad experience all relate.

I will be travelling to Genoa, Italy next week as part of a work abroad program hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology. The basic premise of the program is that students from a variety of different majors are placed with a company in Genoa as interns in order to gain industry experience. It's open to students of all language levels, so there is also a required language course component to the program. For half the day, I will be studying Italian language through the A Door To Italy program. Then I will go to work for an Italian design studio (that I will give more details about in another post). I will be housed with other students from my school, but for the most part I will be working independently. 

So why am I doing this?

The short answer is, why on Earth wouldn't I? It's an amazing opportunity! The longer version would be that, as an Advertising and Public Relations major, having a global perspective and cultural sensitivity is important to the work I will eventually be doing in that field. And there's no better way to learn about other cultures than to immerse yourself in one. Additionally, as a Graphic Design major, being able to work with a design studio in Italy, one of the world centers for all things design-oriented, is nothing short of incredible.

(And as a side note, I've been minoring in Italian for the past two years. So I'm eager to test out my language skills and work my way towards becoming fluent!)

So that's the basics of my work abroad summer adventure! Follow me on Twitter to stay updated, and check back in soon for my next post where I'll be talking about the side project I'll be doing along the way...