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About Us

The Creativity and Invention Working Group (CIWG) is made up of faculty, students, and staff from across RIT. We have focused our efforts on:

  • Bringing together the arts, sciences, humanities, and technology;
  • Encouraging a dialogue on the role of creativity in teaching, learning, research, and leadership;
  • Building collaboration among faculty, students, colleges, and disciplines in co-curricular activities and courses.

The CIWG began as a grassroots faculty initiative in the spring of 2006 under the leadership of Anne Coon, with support from the College of Liberal Arts; Dr. Lynn Wild, Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning Services at RIT; and Dr. Katherine Mayberry, Vice-President for Academic Affairs;

In 2006-07 we organized two sets of activities:


CIWG members are working together to explore the questions that arise when we look for unexpected links between our disciplines. These unlikely partnerships have produced joint lectures and collaborative student projects.

The first faculty partnerships paired individuals from English and Engineering, and also from Information Technology and Economics. Their lectures model for students the interaction, challenges, and broadening of perspective that result when a subject is examined from an unlikely point of view.

In a student-directed Unlikely Partner project, teams of students are working together to explore and construct problems and solutions that span multiple disciplines.

SYMPOSIUM: "Creativity: Technology: Invention"

May 11, 2007 at Rochester Institute of Technology

This day-long symposium on creativity and invention is open to faculty, staff, and students. It will feature guest speakers, performances, exhibits, faculty panels, and workshops.

In 2008-2009, we did not meet as a group, but our members were involved in numerous related initiatives, including

  • launching ImagineRIT
  • the Honors Collaborative Innovation Program
  • launching the Center for Student Innovation (CSI)
  • Rochester Artech Digital Media Competition and on-campus workshops

In 2009-2010 these developments are converging with

  • the revival of the Unlikely Partners program
  • the CSI's "coming out party" at ImagineRIT
  • the hosting of this year's Rochester Artech exhbition in the CSI
  • the resumption of regular lunchtime CIWG meetings in the Spring
  • You! Email Jon.Schull@rit.edu to join the Cross Campus Conspiracy for Creative Collaboration.