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Ki-Young Lee

Associate Professor
BA, Hanyang University; MA, Northwestern University; Ph.D., Michigan State University

Professor Ki-Young Lee teaches courses in advertising, media, and research methodology. He joined the department in the fall of 2006. Prior to pursuing a career in academia, he worked at LG Ad, a major South Korean advertising agency, as account executive.

His research addresses the intersection of persuasion and digital media. Within these domains, he is particularly interested in understanding the impact of media technology interfaces on consumer information processing, learning, and decision-making. His other research topics include strategic media management and the portrayal of ethnic minorities in the media. His work has appeared in the International Journal of Advertising (forthcoming), International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Korean Journal of Advertising research, and the Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising. He has won several awards for his research including the Top Three Faculty Paper Award, Information Systems Division, International Communication Association 2011, the Best Conference Paper Award, American Academy of Advertising 2005.

Lee, Ki-Young, Hairong Li, and Steven Edwards, “The Effect of 3-D Product Visualization on the Strength of Brand Attitude.” International Journal of Advertising (forthcoming).

Ki-Young Lee and Sung-Hee Joo (2011), “Understanding the Effect of Virtual Product Experience on Brand Attitude –Purchase Intention Consistency: The Attitude Strength Perspective,” Korean Journal of Advertising Research, 89(summer), 255-284.

Lee, Ki-Young (2011), “Virtual Experience: Toward an Integrated Framework,” paper presented at the Annual Conference of International Communication Association, May 2011, Boston, MA. *Awarded Top Three Faculty Paper Honor, Information Systems Division, ICA.