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Patrick Scanlon

Director of the School of Communication and Professor
BA, University at Albany M.A., Ph.D., University of Rochester

Professor Scanlon has been with the School of Communication since 1988. He has published on English Renaissance literature, fiction, literacy, technical writing, technical communication education, technical graphics, plagiarism, and the teaching of writing in distance learning programs. Most recently, the focus of his research and publications has been on plagiarism and self-plagiarism. He is currently at work on a book, What Matter Who’s Writing, about marginal forms of authorship such as self-plagiarism and ghostwriting.

Dr. Scanlon is the 2012 recipient of the Provost's Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award.


Institute Writing Director, 1994-1997
Chairman of Humanities, 1997-2000
Department of Communication Coordinator of Undergraduate Degree Programs, 2006-2011
Chairman of the Department of Communication, 2011-2014
Director of the School of Communication, 2014-

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