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“Wordistry” Contest for Rochester-Area High School Students: Invent a Word, Win an iPad

April 6, 2015

Words are added to our language on a regular basis.  Telling someone you are taking a "selfie" would have raised eyebrows a few short years ago.  Wordistry is a language-creation contest inviting you to submit your own original new word and definition that could be added to the English lexicon.  Here are a few examples of previous submissions:

• Textversate: carry on a conversation via texting.
• Ignention: pretending to listen to someone while actually ignoring them.
• Techista - one who always has the latest and greatest technology and feels the need to show off all of its new features.
• Rhombular -  having the property of being both tubular, slightly out of square, and completely awesome
• Endowerate - one who feels they are owed to be in control of reality; God like.

The contest is open until noon, April 28th.  Three finalists will be selected by a panel of RIT faculty and student judges and will be presented with awards -- the first place award is a new iPad. 


So get started now!  Brainstorm with your teachers and friends. Get creative, think language, and click here to enter the contest! Awards will be presented at the Imagine RIT Festival, Saturday May 2, 2015.