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Communication Seniors Present Original Research

May 1, 2013



Communication senior thesis students are presenting their original research this Friday, May 3, at 9:00AM. Join us in Eastman 3338 to hear about their exciting works.

  • Andrew Merydith, PTC, “LeBron James, The Decision: A rhetorical analysis”
  • Emily Ziemba, PTC, “The Rhetoric of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Teen Television"
  • Alisha Joslyn, PTC, “Rhetoric of Starbucks: The Language of Love”
  • Youmee Lee, PTC, “An Iranian Woman’s Visual Memoir: Narrative Analysis of Persepolis
  • Lindsay Wheeler, APR, “The Effect of Computer Mediated Communication on Interpersonal Relationships: A Meta-Analysis”
  • Sarah Jevons, APR, “Risks of Foods Marketed to Children; Effects of Food Coloring, High Sugar, Saturated Fat, and Salt on Children’s Health”