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Don’t Hate the News. Make News: Join the Digital Journalism Incubator (COM 489 T/TH 11-12:15)

May 8, 2014

Journalism is ripe for innovation and business disruption.  This class facilitates the formation and collaboration of multidisciplinary student teams to create journalism start-ups from the ground up. Supported by the Knight Foundation, a leader in journalism innovation, and co-taught by a professor in journalism (Andrea Hickerson) and a professor in business (Vic Perotti), students will study trends in digital storytelling, computing and business to build, maintain and market online publications or news platforms using public civic data.

Don’t wait until after graduation to get a job. Start building one perfectly tailored to you this fall. We need coders, developers, designers, business students, journalism students, photojournalism students and anyone passionate about news and community. Spread the word to your like-minded friends.  Questions? Want information on enrolling? Contact Andrea Hickerson