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Start Building Your Communication Portfolio—NOW!

August 26, 2013

It’s never too early to begin gathering material for your Communication Portfolio.  All communication majors create a Portfolio of projects, papers and related professional work. Compiled throughout your college career, your Communication Portfolio shows off your abilities, skills, and knowledge, and should be representative of your best academic and professional accomplishments. Each semester the Department hosts a Portfolio Review Day when seniors present their portfolio work in a public space.

Portfolio elements, which should be drawn from course assignments and Co-op, include design work (a conference program or newsletter, a Web site, a brochure); academic and professional writing (term papers, thesis, professional reports); and publications (articles you wrote and were published, stories you "pitched" and that were carried by the press).  Portfolios can be hardcopy or digital, or a mix of both. 

See the current blog post by Professor Kelly Martin, “Don’t wait!  Start building your portfolio today,” on the DOC Web site.