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Wordistry Contest, 2016

April 21, 2016

Rochester-area high school students are invited to participate in a language contest: "Wordistry" -- write a definition to a fictitious word, win an iPad!

This is the OFFICIAL RIT School of Communication Wordistry Contest.

On the contest page you will find several words in need of definitions.  These words are completely fabricated, they do not exist in the English language.  Do your best to provide a definition for each word.

Finalists will be selected by a panel of RIT faculty and student judges -- the first place award is a new iPad.

So get started now!  Brainstorm with your teachers and friends. Enter your best stuff.  Spread the word. Get creative, think language, and click here to enter the contest! 

The contest is open until Monday, May 2, 12:00 noon.  

Awards will be presented at the Imagine RIT Festival, Saturday May 7, 2016.