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Sample of Student Co-op Experiences

Jaime Marie Anna, Advertising and Public Relations

This summer, I was interning at Academy Charter High School in Lake Como, NJ. My main role was managing social media, but I also did other things such as compiling data about alumni, became the photographer for Graduation, fixed up the website and remade the freshmen orientation video. Since the school lacked a social media presence, I took what I've learned and attempted to build a presence out of almost nothing, and I even left social media lessons for those that will come after me when I leave.  I was finally able to achieve complete social media integration for ACHS. On the plus side, one of my best experiences was working on the orientation video. I ended up putting a month's worth of tears into that video, and in the end it turned out great (so I was told), and I was able to add to my  repertoire of computer skills.

Grace Guadagnino, Journalism

My time at ABC Daytime's General Hospital has been a truly remarkable experience this summer. Working in the writer's office and on set was a profound way to gain insight into the industry as well as learning more about what writers do on a day-to-day basis.  Research is extremely important when it comes to writing scripts for a television series and I was fortunate enough to assist in the process. It was also really cool being able to talk with the directors and producers about the scripts and how to proofread and edit them properly. I even got a little practice writing out scene scenarios called "story squares" for each episode taped. The worst experience during the internship was constantly making copies which can be tedious and overall, a basic need for any internship, so it wasn't unexpected. I think the best part about the whole experience was being able to work so closely with such talented and kind people. Many of the people I worked with have won Daytime Emmy Awards which reassured me that I was learning from the best. Overall, my summer co-op at GH was amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity!

Jaclyn Bergin, Advertising & Public Relations

This summer I worked as a Retail Acquisition Marketing Intern for Charles Schwab in San Francisco. While there I worked on three separate projects. My main project was a digital advertising project where I served as the project manager. I did extensive research, wrote the creative brief for the project and served as the account manager or liaison between Schwab's internal creative agency and the corporate marketing team. Another project I worked on was developing and implementing a digital organization system for the Retail Acquisition team to use in order to better curate and organize past marketing materials, advertisements and collateral. My final project I worked on along with my intern partner, Andrew, who is an MBA student at Indiana University. We served as the project managers for a new marketing program Schwab will be introducing in the next year. The best part of the experience was getting to use the lessons I have learned in my classes and apply them in the real world. 

Hannah Barry, Advertising & Public Relations

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to co-op with the City of Rochester Communications Bureau writing news releases and media advisories and preparing briefings and talking points for Mayor Lovely Warren and other City representatives. This work went into the Xerox International Jazz Festival, the City’s Art/Life initiative and the revamping of the internship process, just to name a few major projects.

In July, I began a second internship with the City through International Sister Cities of Rochester (ISCOR). In this internship, continuing through December, I am creating economic and institutional profiles of Rochester’s twelve sister cities to find more opportunities for cultural, educational and business exchanges. I also help to organize and market ISCOR events like our Puerto Plata Firefighter Assistance Project reception on Sept. 4 and a community Breton dance event to be held later this year.

Jamaal Brown, Communication

I completed an internship at Total Sports Live, which is affiliated with Fox Sports, as a sports writer. I wrote and researched multiple stories of collegiate and professional sports, and posted my stories on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. My favorite story that I wrote is, "NFL Hopeful: Division III Deaf Football Player Is Pursuing NFL Dreams."

Christina Chan, Advertising & Public Relations

I worked in Boston for a company called Exclusive Clientele Brands. I interned doing social media related stuff.  As a company, we were promoting & launching the 1st mobile cuts barbershop that will be coming to the southshore to local college campuses & offices this Fall 2014. I helped research potential contacts, vendors & ways in which we can spread awareness to the public. I enjoyed working in a beautiful, state of the art office while also working in a city I call home sweet home!

Sara Fair, Advertising & Public Relations

I worked as an Interactive Marketing intern in Chicago, IL for Easter Seals. I worked a lot on the social media aspect, I got to write some posts, and I helped with analytics of posts--which posts did very well and which posts did not. My boss grabbed the chance for me to write a couple of blog posts on Deaf culture, so I did several of those (let me know if you want links!). I'm extremely proud of the contribution I made to Easter Seals, especially with Deaf resources--the blogs, the links I brought to their social media, and the experience I earned. I will cherish the summer internship experience I had, and I'm excited to see where this experience takes me in life!

Erin Hutson, Advertising & Public Relations

Over the summer, I went on co-op at The Archer Group, which is a digital advertising agency in Wilmington, DE. My title was Content Strategy Intern. Mostly, I worked on copywriting duties for one of Archer's biggest clients, Wawa. Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations very popular in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as Florida. I got to write Wawa social media posts, text for in-store signage, copy for website updates, emails to Wawa informational email subscribers, and more. I also assisted in brainstorming upcoming campaign big ideas, which was my favorite part of the position. I am most proud of writing social media posts, as this was a very creative venture and I got to utilize both my writing skills and my creative thinking. Working at The Archer Group was an absolute blast, and it definitely solidified my aspirations of becoming a copywriter! 

Alyssa Jackson, Journalism

For my co-op this summer I was a reporter for the Daily Messenger, a local newspaper based out of Canandaigua. I spent three days a week there and wrote stories all over the board. I mainly focused on news stories but I also wrote features and business articles. I also worked on breaking news stories, which was great because I had never had the experience of being the first to know a breaking news story. Other local news outlets were contacting me to scrape my story, which was a great and pleasant accomplishment. 

In addition, I also had three of my different articles run on the front page of the paper, which was another first for me this summer. I am also proud of the fact that I was offered a freelancing job out of my internship, so I will continue to write for the Daily Messenger and Messenger Post papers throughout this year. I would highly recommend them for internships/co-ops in the future for any interested students. I learned a lot during the summer and I am deeply grateful to them for that.

Eric Mort, Communication

For my summer co-op, I served as a communications intern for Academy Charter High School in Lake Como, New Jersey. As a communications intern, I wore many different hats: I managed website content and social media, worked on print advertisements, and worked as a photographer for end-of-year events (graduation, banquets, et cetera). I also helped several of the faculty members with an "annual report" that was sent to various members of the NJ Department of Education, more specifically by gathering and summarizing data.

If I were to pick out my single greatest accomplishment while on co-op, it would be the fact that I worked on a commercial that aired on TV this past summer. Interestingly enough, the majority of the production and post-production was done by me. I'm very proud of the fact that I was able to do 95% of the work on my own!

Vinh Nguyen, Advertising & Public Relations

I worked in a Canadian-based creative digital advertising Agency in Vietnam called Sofresh. This was my second Co-op. What I learnt the most was the process of transforming an idea from paper into real life. This one was really challenging yet captivating at the same time. It asked me to think outside of the box and INSIDE of the box at the same time. Your idea might sound extraordinary, might sound creative, might sound breathtaking, but if it is not practicable, your idea might be forever kept on the page. The balance of creating a good ad campaign that the agency, the client, and the customers liked was a hard task. The moment when my very first Kitkat campaign was approved was more than awesome!

Madeline Apperson, Journalism

Madeline completed one co-op at Finzer Roller in Palmyra, NY, and began another with Wilhelmina Rochester, Rochester, NY.  At Finzer Roller she worked on advertising projects, marketing tools, website development, script writing, editing, and design, including the design of a company product advertisement.  At Wilhelmina Rochester, she helped plan various promotional/recruitment events, organized and produced monthly open calls, was responsible for phone contact with aspiring talent, and took a part in styling/producing monthly photo shoots.  

Krista Bellardo, Journalism

Krista interned for a small weekly paper, The Jamestown Gazette, in Jamestown, New York. She wrote a profile of a local business each week and took photos for the front page, writing additional stories when they were assigned and co-writing the front page story almost every week. Krista covered Governor Cuomo’s visit to the local community college.

Emily Catanzarite, Advertising & Public Relations

Emily created and ran social media websites for American Lifestyle, which ships products that are made in the USA to other countries that have difficulty getting these products.  She also helped manage the main website, worked to improve the company's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and helped the partners in other countries with social media and improving their main website. 

Dom Chapman, Advertising & Public Relations

Dom completed a co-op at Airquip heating and cooling in Penfield, NY, as a marketing research intern. He redesigned and revamped their marketing fliers and digital signage, conducted market surveys, and generated leads.

Nikole DeBell, Journalism

Nikole worked at WROC-TV (channel 8) in Rochester, in the sports department.  She had the opportunity to work the PGA tournament at Oak Hill Country Club:  she conducted interviews of the golfers, helped edit film, recorded times, and completed many other tasks.

Kelly Fidler, Communication

Kelly worked for NewsWhip, a startup company based in Dublin, Ireland's Grand Canal Docks. She was responsible for social media communications on Twitter, RSS database entry and maintenance, market research, quality control, and the research and composition of two blog posts about good and bad reactive marketing.  She spent free time exploring Ireland and parts of France and the UK. 

Erin Hutson, Advertising & Public Relations

Erin co-oped at the Alzheimer's Association, Rochester & Finger Lakes Chapter, as a social media intern. She assisted in the creation of a Pinterest page for the chapter, created tweets and Facebook status updates, and completed research on new social media platforms and strategies for targeting/advertising on social media. In addition, she wrote newsletter articles about Alzheimer's patients and caregivers, as well as press releases for different events.

Ashley Koszalka, Advertising & Public Relations

Ashley worked at Heresy Records in Malahide, Ireland, where she was in charge of social media accounts.  She also did some contact research for her boss's future projects and advised on basic design of the website. Ashley is particularly proud of creating the company's first newsletter and increasing both Twitter and Facebook followers by over 25% in just eight weeks.

Tianna Manon, Journalism

Tianna worked at The Hill newspaper, in Washington, D.C., as a student in the Institute on Political Journalism, a program under The Fund for American Studies. She covered Congressional hearings and events, and did projects like “the 50 wealthiest lawmakers.”  Tianna’s favorite project was a long profile of a Congressman and his aides making a comeback after a 32-year hiatus. “When it was done,” says Tianna, “Rep. Nolan had it framed and put in his office!”

Daniel Mansen, Communication

Daniel worked at Vox Communications in Pittsfield, MA, a broadcasting company with radio stations in western Massachusetts. He worked in production and news, writing Public Service Announcements for many community events.  Daniel writes, “My main accomplishment was my daily ‘high-tech tip’ segment on WBEC FM. In this 20-30 second weekday spot I would come on air around 3:20 pm and give a piece of advice, mostly focusing on computer and smartphone use.”

Michael Roppolo, Journalism

Michael worked at Fox News Channel in New York City pitching, writing, interviewing and researching multiple stories.  He wrote about a variety of topics, including national news, entertainment, science and technology.  His bylines include “Humans in 100,000 years: What will we look like,” "Deaf rapper, ‘Switched at Birth’ actors now mainstream stars," and “FOIAed again: ‘Gun map’ newspaper seeks more info on firearms owners.  His gun map article was picked up by the “Fox and Friends” show, and the Deaf rapper story was picked up by the New York Post.  

Hayley Stauss, Advertising & Public Relations

Haley was a Special Events and Marketing Intern with the Rochester Chapter of the American Diabetes Association.  Her main focus was the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes which will be held on October 19th in Genesee Valley Park. Throughout the summer she learned the behind-the-scenes work it takes to prepare a large event, how to coordinate smaller ones, and how to engage a community for a common cause.