“A Vision of Revolution”

Exile and Deportation in Global Perspective

April 2-4, 2015, Rochester, New York


“Exile is a dream of a glorious return. Exile is a vision of revolution: Elba, not St Helena. It is an endless paradox: looking forward by always looking back. The exile is a ball hurled high into the air.”

― Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses


2015 Conable Conference in International Studies (CCIS)

[incorporating the Conable African Studies Symposium (CASS)]

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (subject to change)


Thursday April 2, 2015

4.00-5.00: Registration (Vignelli)

5.00-5.15: Welcome from Provost Jeremy Haefner and Dean James Winebrake

5.15-6.00: Opening Reception (Vignelli)

6.00-7.00: Opening Keynote


Jacqueline Stevens

Director, Deportation Research Clinic, Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Studies, Global Engagement & Scholarship, Northwestern University

How Immigration Law Deports U.S. Citizens


Friday April 3, 2015

8.30-9.00:      Registration

9.15-10.45:    Concurrent Session One


CCIS I: Belonging, Exile & Nation

Chair: Kijana Crawford (RIT-Soc/Anth)

Ayse Ebru Akcasu (School of Oriental & African Studies-Near and Middle Eastern Studies), “Multiple Belongings and Long-Distance Nationalism: Iranian Exiles and Expatriates in Hamidian Istanbul, 1876-1909”

Zaib un Nisa Aziz (Lahore University of Management-Social Sciences), “Passages from India: Indian Anti-Colonial Activism in Exile 1905-1920”

Jiří Štěpán (University of Hradec Kralove-History), “Czechoslovak Exile Societies in Sweden in the 20th Century”


CASS I: Narratives and Counter-Narratives of African Exile

Chair: Meredith Terretta (University of Ottawa-History)

Sana Camara (Truman State University-Literature), “Sheikh Ahmad Bamba and the Poetics of Exile”

Marina Berthet (Universidade Federal Fluminense-History), “Cap Verdian Narratives and Songs about Forced Labor in São Tomé and Principe.”

Fatoumata Sow (Université Cheikh Anta Diop-History), “Anti Colonial Struggle, Women’s Silencing, and Deportation: The Case of Aline Sitoe Diatta from Senegal”

Discussant: Nathan Carpenter (Northampton Community College)


10.45-11.00: Break


11.00-12.30:  Concurrent Session Two


CCIS II: Political Histories of Migration and Exile

Chair: Uli Linke (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology)

Christine Kray (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology), “On Ever-Shifting Ground: Internal Exiles in British Honduras; Immigrants, Tenants, Evictees, and Reservations.”

Stephan Steiner (Sigmund Freud University Vienna), “Return Undesired: European Deportation Practices in the Early Modern Period”

Ali Askerov (University of North Carolina, Greensboro-History), “The Chechens and Crimean Tatars: Exiles and Political Consequences”


CASS II: Histories of Self-Imposed Exile in Africa

Chair: Conerly Casey (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology)

Marcus Filippello (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee-History), “The Peculiar Case of ‘Cold Like the Rain’: The Arrest and Exile of a West African King”

Thais Gendry (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales), “A movement in exile: The Sanwi population in French colonial Ivory Coast, 1915-1920”

Aliou Ly (Middle Tennessee State University-History), “Amilcar Cabral and the PAIGC Exile in Guinea, 1959-1962: Women and the Salvation of the Nationalist Organization”

Discussant: Emily Burrill (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill-History)


12.30-1.30:    Lunch Keynote

Aaron Hughes

Philip S. Bernstein Chair in Jewish Studies, the University of Rochester

Maps Without Territory: Thinking About Exile and Deportation in the Study of Religion


1.30-3.00:      Concurrent Session Three


CCIS III: Deportation & Criminalization of Immigration

Chair: Christine Kray (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology)

Luke de Noronha (Oxford University-Anthropology), “Deporting 'foreign criminals': The View from the United Kingdom”

Clément de Senarclens (Université de Neuchâtel), “The intertwinement between exile and deportation in Switzerland and its implications in liberal democracies”

Sujata Ramachandran (Queen’s University), “Detention-Deportation Dispensation: Crimmigration Control and Transmigrant Bangladeshis in India”


CASS III: Exile Mobilities: Citizenship, Slavery, and Empire

Chair: Nathan Carpenter (Northampton Community College)

Stephanie Hassell (Duke University-History), “A Second Exile: The Goan Inquisition’s Exile of Slaves in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries”

Ruma Chopra (San José State University-History), “Free Blacks in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone”

Lorelle Semley (The College of the Holy Cross-History), “Exile and the Redemption Road to Citizenship in France’s Atlantic Empire”

Discussant: Joanna Tague (Denison University-History)


3.00-3.15: Break


3.15-4.45:      Concurrent Session Four


CCIS IV: Islam: Local and Global Dimensions

Chair: Kijana Crawford (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology)

Danielle Smith (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology)

Mubarak Bashir (Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Rochester and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Youth Association)

Conerly Casey (RIT-Sociology/Anthropology)
Sadiya Omar (Refugees Helping Refugees, Rochester, New York)
Ed Kannyo (RIT-Political Science)


CASS IV: Deportation, Exile, and the Colonial Condition

Chair: Keith Shear (University of Birmingham-History)

Shobana Shankar (Stony Brook University, SUNY-History), “Deporting to Define the Nation: Movements between Africa and South Asia in the Twilight of Empire”

Kara Moskowitz (University of Toronto, Scarborough-History), “‘If a Chief is Not Loyal, He Will Be Sacked’: Exile in Kenyatta’s One-Party State”

Joanna Tague (Denison University-History), "The City of Waiting: African Liberation Movements and Their Exiles in Dar es Salaam, 1960-1975."

Discussant: Susan Dabney Pennybacker (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill-History)


5.30 pm – 7.30 pm   Conference Dinner (all program participants & invited guests)


Saturday April 4, 2015

9.00-10.30:    Concurrent Session Five


CCIS V: Subjectivity and Identity in Exile

Chair: Michael Laver (RIT-History)

Catherine Hamel (University of Calgary-Architecture), “Measure Twice: Once For Exclusion, Once For Inclusion”

Andrea Hickerson (RIT-Communications), “Witnessing through storytelling or storytelling with witnesses? A comparative analysis of first-person in the diasporic and immigration”

Isaac Kfir (University of Syracuse-Law), “Transnational Criminal Organizations and Displacement: Exploring the way TCOs Facilitate Displacement and What it Means in Terms of Rights”


CASS V: Genealogies of Exile

Chair: Marcus Filippello (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee-History)

Nathan Carpenter (Northampton Community College), “The Path of Extinction: Policies and Practice of Exile in French Colonial Africa”

Trina Leah Hogg (Columbia College Chicago-History), “Bandits and War Captains: Political Prisoners from the Sierra Leone Hinterland, 1860-1896”

Marie Rodet (School of Oriental & African Studies-History), “Reforming Colonial State Violence in French West Africa? Relegation at the Time of Decolonization”

Discussant: Babacar Fall (Cheikh Anta Diop University-History)


10.30-10.45: Break


10.45-12.15: Session Six


CASS VI: Ideological Transformations in Exile and Return

Chair: Kara Moskowitz (University of Toronto, Scarborough-History)

Kris Inman (National Intelligence University), “Migration, Exile, and Return among Swahili Muslims”

Kate Skinner (University of Birmingham-African Studies & Anthropology), “‘Brothers in the Bush’: Exile and Citizenship on the Ghana-Togo Border 1958-66.”

Susan Dabney Pennybacker (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill-History), “South African anti-apartheid exile and refuge in London, 1945-94”

Discussant: Kristin Doughty (University of Rochester-Anthropology)


12.15-1.15: Lunch & Closing Address


Babacar Fall

Department of History, Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal

Deported Manpower: Forced Labor, Exile, and the Dakar-Saint Louis Railway, 1855-1885


1.35-3.00: Session Seven


CASS VII: Political Refuge and Socio-Political Upheaval

Chair: Joanna Tague (Denison University-History)

Meredith Terretta (University of Ottawa-History), “The French Trials of Political Refugee Cléophas Kamitatu:  A Politico-Legal Story of Françafrique’s Relationship with 1970s Zaïre”

Ann McDougall (University of Alberta-History), “Slavery As a State of Mind: The Meaning of Narrative and Exile in Mauritania”

Jeremy Dell (University of Pennsylvania-History), “‘The Eternal Agitator’: Cheikh Anta Mbacké’s Exile to Segu and the Early Years of the Post-Bamba Muridiyya”

Discussant: Keith Shear (University of Birmingham-History)


3.00-4.00: Closing Plenary


Convener: Benjamin N. Lawrance, Hon. Barber B. Conable, Jr. Endowed Chair of International Studies

The Conable Conference acknowledges the generous support of the Office of the Provost, the Program in International Studies in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and the College of Liberal Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Conable Endowment in International Studies honors the late Rochester-area politician and diplomat, the Hon. Barber B. Conable, Jr., who served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1964-1984) and as 7th President of the World Bank Group (1986-1991). The Conable Chair was made possible with a generous starting gift from the Starr Foundation.