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RIT College of Liberal Arts
Conable Conference in International Studies

April 4-6, 2013, Rochester, New York


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Gender, Violence, and
Justice in the Age of Globalization

The organizing committee for the Conable Conference in International Studies is soliciting proposals for the 2013 conference to be held in Rochester, New York, April 4-6, 2013. We welcome submissions of abstracts for individual papers, panels of papers, workshops, poster sessions, performances, or other academic or professional products or delivery.

This conference seeks to examine the critical crossroads at which local and global gender-based violence campaigners and justice advocates find themselves today. We wish to explore the conflicts, commonalities, and resolutions in approaches to GBV among feminists and other philosophical and ideological frameworks in the global south and global north. And we are interested in how increasing transnational and global activities, such as trade liberalization and other economic developments are creating new kinds of violence, and/or encouraging and remedying violence.

Conable Conference 2013 Keynote - Dr. Judith-Ann Walker