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Adjunct Faculty


David DiCaro
Professor DiCaro is the former Chief of Police of Gates, New York. He teaches Technology in Criminal Justice.

Hon. Robert Duffy
Professor Duffy is the former Lieutenant Governor of New York, former Mayor of Rochester, NY, and former Chief of Police of Rochester, NY. He holds an advanced degree from Syracuse University. He has taught Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement.

Jennifer Gravitz, Esq.
Professor Gravitz has taught numerous courses in the Department of Criminal Justice for the past two decades and specializes in Computer Crime.

Glenn Hoff
Retiring in 2010 as a Deputy Chief with the Rochester NY Police Department, Professor Glenn Hoff has 27 years of practical experience and holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. He teaches Management in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Investigative Techniques.

Hon. Valerie R. Johnson
Professor Johnson serves as an Administrative Law Judge in the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. She has taught Juvenile Justice.

Robert Maldonado
After retiring from the New York State Police and serving as Deputy Chief of the Rochester Police Department, Professor Maldonado served as Jail Superintendent of Monroe County. He holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Albany and teaches a number of law enforcement-oriented courses.

Hon. Patricia D. Marks
Professor Marks is a former Monroe County Court Judge. Prior to serving on the bench she was the Monroe County Assistant District Attorney. She teaches Law & Popular Culture.

Ed Minardo
Professor Minardo serves as the Superintendent of Genesee County Jail and is the former Director of Genesee Justice. He teaches Restorative Justice and Introduction to Criminal

Hon. James Mulley
Professor Mulley is a Penfield Town Justice and is also employed as Executive Assistant for the Appellate Division Fourth Department. He teaches a variety of law-based courses, including Courts and Juvenile Justice.

Robert F. Nicolais, Esq.
Professor Nicolais has an extensive background in both the law enforcement field and in the legal public/private sectors field.  His law enforcement experience traverses both managerial and operational responsibilities. His private sector legal experience includes civil/criminal practice, and his public sector legal experience includes as a counsel to New York state agencies, as well as a Court Attorney with the New York State Unified Court System. He teaches Criminal Law as well as Law and Society.

Hon. Edward Nowak
Professor Nowak is the former Public Defender of Monroe County. He has taught law-related courses, including Seminar in Law and Evidence.

Hon. Howard Relin
Professor Relin is the former District Attorney of Monroe County. He has taught a number of law-related courses.

Brian Shiffrin, Esq.
Professor Shiffrin is a partner at Easton, Thompson, Kasperek, and Shiffrin, LLP. He teaches Courts and Wrongful Convictions.

Steven Siena, Esq.
Professor Siena is a retired Captain with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department. He holds a law degree from SUNY Buffalo, and has taught Introduction to Criminal Justice, Corrections, and Law Enforcement.

Dawn Soufleris, Ph.D.
Professor Soufleris served as the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at RIT, and has spent over 20 years working with student behavior, campus discipline and university critical incident management.  She holds a Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo and has taught courses such as Sexual Violence and Campus Crime.

Michael Stein, Esq.
Professor Stein litigates disability rights cases as partner with the firm Stein & Vargas, LLP. He has also traveled extensively in Chile giving presentations and workshops on the human rights of deaf people. His areas of research interest include the Americans with Disabilities Act and the rights of individuals with disabilities in the justice system.

Hon. Joseph Valentino
Professor Valentino serves as the Supervising Judge of the Criminal Term Courts for the Seventh Judicial District. He has taught Courts.

Jason B. Willis, Ph.D.
Professor Willis has a doctoral degree in Education Adminsitration & Supervision from Jackson State University. Dr. Willis has worked in the New York City school district as a General Education and Special Education teacher in Spanish Harlem and has taught in juvenile detention facilities. He teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice.

Jennifer Wolfley
For over two decades, Professor Wolfley has had a career in public service as well as teaching. She has taught in various disciplines including criminal justice, writing, literature, and women's and gender studies. Her publications have addressed homelessness, prostitution and street life. Professor Wolfley currently teaches courses in Prostitution and Vice, Seminar in Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Prison Writings and Women and Crime.