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Special Project: "Under Construction"

This is something different- not the usual research paper from us (as good as they may be). This is a construction project. We are trying to build a plan- or at least lay the foundation, and we would like your help.

Send us your ideas on specific programs or interventions that you think can help reduce levels of violence in this community. They may be things that are already being done or they may be new and even untried ideas. They may be ideas for programs run by not-for-profits, or they may be ideas for law enforcement or the courts, or even private businesses. Tell us what you think makes sense. Email your ideas to us at

We are looking for ideas from everyone who wants to contribute. So, announce it in your staff meeting, or your classroom or just among your friends. Encourage everyone you come across to think about this issue and to send in their ideas. We want to reach out as widely as possible. The issue is too important not to.

What we will do: Our research staff will carefully review all of the ideas to see if they have been tried elsewhere and if there have been evaluations of them or other research that may be relevant. We will produce a summary of each suggested program or idea, a notation as to whether it is being done in the community or elsewhere, and a rating that may range anywhere from effective to promising, not effective, negative effects and unclear or unknown. We will periodically send out the reviews, as we do with our research papers and we will continually update the results on our web page.

Our reports will not include the names of anyone who submits an idea. So if you want credit for, or ownership of an idea, don’t send it to us. And, for the record, we will not include ideas that we do not think are appropriate for review.

We think this can be a useful addition to a community conversation about the problem of violence. We are not, however, trying to reinvent the wheel. Good and useful work at the national level has been done. See from the US Bureau of Justice Assistance for an excellent collection of information on programs that work. It will be a starting point for us. The science is important, and we will report out the best research available, but so is suitability. We will also consider how well programs may address our own local problems and match our local resources.

We think this will be an ongoing project. It may result in the essay that never ends. As new ideas come out or old ones get evaluated we will add them to our list. With that we will be building a local repository for information about effective violence reduction efforts.

We hope that you will participate and encourage others to send in their ideas. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. And…Email your ideas to us at

John M. Klofas, Ph.D.
Janelle Duda, MSW
Center for Public Safety Initiatives (CPSI)


Our Reviews:


Nurse Family Partnership
Firearm Suppression Program: St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
Lever Pulling: A Strategy for Gun Violence Reduction
Detroit’s Preventing Youth Violence Plan
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign “Above the Influence”



Girls Inc. Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy
Drug Market Intervention Initiative (DMI)
Community Courts
Seattle’s Crime Prevention Programs
Crime Stoppers
Juvenile Curfew Laws
Hot Spot Policing
Truancy Intervention Program
Preventing Parolee Crime Programs (PPCP)
Alcohol Skills Training Program
Three-Strikes Legislation
Drug Courts