This conference is sponsored by the Rochester Institute of Technology and the National Science Foundation. Funding for this workshop has been provided by the National Science Foundation under Award No. ECCS‐1129185

Engineering Globalization Workshop

Engineering and R&D is at the heart of modern innovation eco-systems, and its globalization is happening very rapidly and across a number of industries. As a result of this speed, our state of knowledge, academic and industry practice alike, is limited and fragmented.

We have limited knowledge about how companies: protect intellectual property when they globalize the technical function of the firm; manage global technical integration of resources; and, acquire and maintain complementary assets to ensure appropriation of benefits from these investments in technical projects. We also know little about the criteria (e.g., labor costs, tax incentives, access to markets, engineering talent, etc.) being used by businesses when choosing a specific geography to place specific engineering tasks. And we know little about the impact of these new overseas facilities on their U.S. operations, and more broadly on the U.S. engineering enterprise, including its workforce and educational system.

We propose to begin the process of bridging some of these gaps with a two-day workshop exploring the current state of engineering globalization, and defining a clear set of research agendas that can fill those knowledge gaps.

The workshop will be held in Arlington, Virginia, May 16, 2012 (evening reception) May 17 (One day of plenary sessions), and May 18 (half-day breakout sessions and plenary session to report results). The location is the Westin Arlington Hotel.

Workshop Participants

The following is a list of confirmed and invited (*) speakers including topic and/or tentative presentation titles who will be participating in this year's conference:


Gordon Day
President and CEO, IEEE
The Globalization of the IEEE

C.D. Mote
Regents Professor & Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering, Former President of University of Maryland, College Park
The Globalization of the Engineering Enterprise

Renata Engel
Past President of the American Society of Engineering Education and Associate Dean of Engineering Penn State University
Engineering Education Globalization

John Hagedoorn
Professor Strategy and International Business, School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University
Trends and Patterns in (International) R&D Alliances, 1970-2006

Donald Siegel
Dean and Professor, School of Business, University at Albany
Research on Academic Entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Europe: Lessons Learned and a Research Agenda

Martin Kenney
Professor, University of California, Davis
Senior Project Director, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy

Denis Fred Simon Vice Provost of the Office of China Initiatives and Strategy
Arizona State University


K.R. Subramanian
President, Strataplex, Inc.
The Art and Science of Global Product Development and Operations Development - A Silicon Valley Perspective

Falguni Sen
Chair, Management Systems Area and Director, Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center (GHIM)
Clinical Trials in India

Ma Jun
Director of Overseas R&D Management Office, Tsinghua University
Collaborative R&D: Tshingua University and Multinationals

Erran Carmel
Professor of Information Technology and International Business Research Professor Kogod School of Business, American University
The Time-Zone Challenged Engineering Workplace: What we know and what we don't know

John E. Ettlie
Benjamin Forman Chair for Research, RIT
R&D Dynamic Capabilities, US/China Automotive Comparative Study

John Gray
Assistant Professor of Operations, Ohio State University OSU
Co-location R&D and Production Globally

Joan Penner-Hahn
University of Michigan
Globalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Ann-Kristin Ridder
School of Business and Economics, Organization & Strategy, Masstricht University
External Dynamic Capabilities: Technological Renewal for Competitive Advantage in Innovation

Albert Johnson
Principal Research + Technology Management Consulting (RTMC)