This conference is sponsored by the Rochester Institute of Technology and the National Science Foundation. Funding for this workshop has been provided by the National Science Foundation under Award No. ECCS‐1129185

Engineering Globalization Workshop Program

May 17-18th, 2012
Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel, Arlington Virginia
Registration is Required to Attend

Program Current as of April 26th - Subject to Change

Thursday May 17th, 2012


Welcome and Workshop Goals

Tom Peterson
Assistant Director for Engineering, NSF
Robert Trew
Director of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems Division, NSF
Samir El-Ghazaly
Program Director, ECCS Division, NSF
Ron Hira and John E. Ettlie
Workshop Organizers, RIT


Keynote Panel I –

Data and Education & Management Trends

Rolf Lehming (Presentation)
Director of Science & Engineering Indicators Program, NSF
John Hagedoorn (click here for bio) (Presentation)
Professor Strategy and International Business, School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University
Trends and Patterns in (International) R&D Alliances, 1970-2006
Renata Engel
Past President of the American Society of Engineering Education and Associate Dean of Engineering Penn State University
Moderator: John E. Ettlie


Keynote Panel II –

Management and Policy

Martin Kenney
Professor of Human & Community Development, University of California, Davis
Denis Fred Simon
Vice Provost of the Office of China Initiatives and Strategy, Arizona State University
Donald Siegel (click here for bio) (click here for abstract) (Presentation)
Dean and Professor, School of Business, University at Albany
Research on Academic Entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Europe: Lessons Learned and a Research Agenda
Moderator: Ron Hira
10:30-10:45am Break


Global Value Chains Panel

K.R. Subramanian (click here for bio) (click here for abstract) (Presentation)
President, Strataplex, Inc.
The Art and Science of Global Product Development and Operations Development - A Silicon Valley Perspective

David Beatson
Strataplex, Inc.
Manjunatha Hebbar (Presentation)
VP & Head of Strategic Services, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies Ltd.
Stan Sorscher (Presentation)
Labor Representative, Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
Jason Dedrick (click here for bio) (click here for abstract) (Presentation)
Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
China's Role in the Global R&D Strategies of Multinational Corporations
Erran Carmel (Presentation)
Professor, Kogod School of Business, American University
Moderator: Albert Johnson


Luncheon Keynote –

The Globalization of the IEEE

Gordon Day (click here for bio)
President and CEO, IEEE
The Globalization of the IEEE
Introduced by Samir El-Ghazaly


Keynote –

Globalization of the Engineering Enterprise

C.D.Mote, Jr. (click here for bio) (click here for abstract) (Presentation)
Regents Professor & Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering and Former President of University of Maryland, College Park
Globalization of the Engineering Enterprise
Introduced by Ron Hira


Globalization Trends in Key Sectors

Ashok Saxena (click here for bio) (Presentation)
Dean of Engineering, Distinguished Professor and Irma and Ray Giffels' Chair in Engineering, University of Arkansas
Enablers for Increasing Participation of US Students in Global Education and Research Programs
Falguni Sen
Director of Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center, Fordham University
Ma Jun (click here for bio)
Director of Overseas R&D Management Office, Tsinghua University
R&D collaboration with MNC's at Tsinghua University
Rekha Pillai (Presentation)
Director, International Science & Technology Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Moderator: Joan Penner-Hahn
3:15-3:30pm Break


Engineering Education Globalization

Ed Schlesinger
David Edward Schramm Professor & Department Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Jilda D. Garton
VP Research & General Manager, GTRC and GTARC, Georgia Tech
Martin W. Trethewey (Presentation)
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University
Constantine Anagnostopoulos (Presentation)
Adjunct Full Professor, University of Rhode Island
4:45-5:00pm Break


Academic Research on Engineering Globalization

John Gray (Presentation)
Assistant Professor of Operations, Ohio State University
Ann-Kristin Ridder (click here for bio) (click here for abstract)
School of Business and Economics, Organization & Strategy, Masstricht University
External Dynamic Capabilities: Technological Renewal for Competitive Advantage in Innovation
John E. Ettlie
Professor and Benjamin Forman Chair for Research, RIT
Aravind Chandrasekaran (click here for bio) (click here for abstract) (Presentation)
Assistant Professor of Management Sciences, Ohio State University
Managing Distributed Product Development Projects: Integration Strategies for Language and Geographic Barriers
Moderator: John E. Ettlie
Friday May 18th, 2012
8:30am-noon Working session for researchers interested in creating research agendas around engineering globalization. Please contact Ron Hira ( if you would like to participate in this session.