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215 - Text & Code

Writing Intensive (WI): 
General Education: 
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
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We encounter digital texts and codes every time we use a smart phone, turn on an app, read an e-book, or interact online. This course examines the innovative combinations of text & code that underpin emerging textual practices such as electronic literatures, digital games, mobile communication, geospatial mapping, interactive and locative media, augmented reality, and interactive museum design. Drawing on key concepts of text & code in related fields, students will analyze shifting expressive textual practices and develop the literacies necessary to “read” and understand them. Practicing and reflecting on such new media literacies, the course explores their social, cultural, creative, technological, and legal significance. To encourage multiple perspectives on these pivotal concepts of text & code and their import, the course includes guest lectures by scholars and practitioners in these fields.