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389 - Digital Creative Writing Workshop

Writing Intensive (WI): 
Prerequisite or Requirement: 
Completion of First Year Writing (FYW) requirement,
General Education: 
Creative Writing (Fulfills Workshop Requirement)
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
Creative Writing
Class Description: 
This course is for students who want to explore the techniques of creative writing applied to digital delivery formats. Through reading, discussion, and exercises, students will be exposed to creative writing techniques that they will use to produce born digital writings. While reading/reflection and writing/revision will be emphasized all semester, the class focus will be on the creation of creative works and the learning of stylistic and craft techniques. Ongoing work will be discussed with peer editors, which will not only help students rethink their work but teach them to become better editors. Group critiques will provide the opportunity to give and receive helpful feedback. This course can be taken up to two times for a total of six semester credit hours as long as the instructors are different.