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414 - Topics in Women's and Gender Studies

Prerequisite or Requirement: 
First Year Writing
Equivalent Courses: 
WGST-414, 0522-481
General Education: 
Class Description: 
This course will explore a key theme or critical question in Women's and Gender Studies as an introduction and line of inquiry into how and why women's and gender studies matter in the contemporary world and in our individual lives. Drawing from and reflecting on approaches to women's and gender studies from a variety of disciplines and cultures, we will use these theoretical lenses to read social, cultural, and artistic texts and cultural practices in a new light. How do cultural texts and practices (such as novels, graphic novels, plastic surgery, invitro fertilization, music videos, bulimia, facebook, video games, advertising, etc.) encourage us to think about gender, sex, sexuality, race, class, nation, transnation, science and power? What role do they play in processes of identity formation? How do power-laden ideas of gender, sexuality, race and class travel from culture to culture or refuse an easy translation? What old and new discourses of gender, sex, sexuality, race, colonialism, or biopower do these texts help in, or resist disseminating? How has women's and gender studies and the creative, activist and academic practices theorized in this multidisciplinary, global space, challenged gendered and racialized power structures in the past, in the present, and how might it transform its methods to confront current challenges? What connections can be drawn between women around the world without erasing their distinct differences? How do we put that international perspective on women's and men's lives into practice in our own daily lives?

Job Posting: Language Science

The Department of English invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor position, beginning in January 2018, with specialization in computational linguistics. Possible areas include:

  • Deep learning for natural language understanding
  • Speech and speech technology
  • Multimodal and linguistic sensors
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Linguistic narrative analytics

Please visit for a full position description.

Review of applications will begin on November 25, 2017.

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