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422 - Maps, Spaces, and Places

Writing Intensive (WI): 
Prerequisite or Requirement: 
First Year Writing
General Education: 
Creative Writing (Fulfills Literature Option Only)
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
Digital Literatures and Comparative Media
Class Description: 
This course takes as its premise that spatial thinking is critically important. Spatial thinking informs our ability to understand many areas of 21st century culture, as mobile interfaces and geospatial technologies enable us to engage with our surroundings in new ways. The study begins with a meditation on the language of maps and mapmaking, and how they work, and explores the idea that to present a useful and truthful picture, an accurate map must tell lies. The course develops into an exploration of the ways, particularly in texts, that mapmaking creates cultural routes, mobile forms of ethnography, and ways of imagining travel and tourism in the era of globalization. The proliferation of location-aware mobile devices calls for new understanding of space and networks of power, as we define public space and locational privacy. The diverse writers, critics and filmmakers represented in this course are rethinking space as a dynamic context for the making of history and for different organizations of social and communal life.