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A.J. Caschetta

Senior Lecturer
1324 Gosnell Annex
(585) 475-5405
BA, Nazareth College of Rochester
MA, University of Missouri
M. Phil., New York University
Ph.D., New York University

At New York University I studied the effects of the French Revolution and Reign of Terror on British society. After 9/11, I began focusing on the rhetoric of radical Islamists and on Western academic narratives explaining Islamist terrorism. In 2014 I was named a fellow of the Middle East Forum, and in 2015 I was named a Shillman/Ginsburg Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum. I teach literature classes in the English Department and a class cross-listed with the Political Science Department titled "The Rhetoric of Terrorism". 

"Does Islam Have a Role in Suicide Terrorism?" Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2015:

"The Hollow Cry of McCarthyism" Inside Higher Ed, July 2, 2105:

"Let's Unfriend ISIS" Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, February 25, 2015:

"Are Muslims the New Jews?" Jihad Watch, May 8, 2015:

"Leave Holocaust Out of Climate Debate" Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, May 20, 2014:

"The Taliban's Enablers" Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2013:

"Writing the bin Laden Story" Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2013:

Book Reviews and other articles are listed at:

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