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Babak Elahi

Associate Dean/ Professor
2215 Liberal Arts
(585) 475-5235
BA, San Diego State University (1989)
MA, University of California at San Diego (1992)
Ph.D., University of Rochester (2001)

19th and 20th century U.S. literature, multi-ethnic U.S. literatures, diasporic literature, Iranian fiction and film, immigration and ethnicity in the United States.



  • The Fabric of American Literary Realism, McFarland Press, 2009
  • work in progress: The Iranian Condition: Illness as Metaphor in Moodern Iranian Literature and Film

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • "Crossing Tehran Avenue: Digital and Urban Spaces in Tehran," Cultural Studies 26:2 (April, 2012) 956-81.
  • "Fake Farsi: Formulaic Flexibility in Iranian American Women's Memoirs, MELUS 33.2 (Summer, 2008).
  • "Resistance, Accommodation, or Haggling: Postcolonial Theory and International Business Communication," JAC, 25.3 (2005).
  • "Translating the Self: Language and Identity in Iranian-Ameircan Women's Memoirs," Iranian Studies, 39:4 (2006).
  • "The Heavy Garments of the Past: Mary and Frieda Antin in The Promised Land," College Literature 32:4 (2005) 29-49.
  • Co-Authored with Grant Cos: "The Immigrant's Dream and the Audacity of Hope:The 2004 Convention Addresses of Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger," American Behavioral Scientist, 49:3 (2005): 454-465.
  • "Pride Lands: The Lion King, Proposition 187, and White Resentment," Arizona Quarterly, 57:3 (2001): 121-152.

Book Chapters

  • "Reading the Exile's Body: Deafness and Diaspora in Kader Abdolah's My Father's Notebook, accepted conditionally for inclusion in Representation of the Self in Iranian Literature, Art, and Film (Athabasca U P, Canada)
  • "Textiles and Time: Hawthorne and the Temporality of Dress in Ante-Bellum America," solicited for Crossings in Textiles and Texts under review at University Press of New England/University of New Hampshire Press


  • "Burying the Beloved: Marriage, Realism, and Reform in Modern Iran," International Journal of Middle East Studies 45:2 (May, 2013) 375-77.
  • "Politics in Motion: [Three Books on Iranian Cinema]," Afterimage 37.5 (2010)
  • "Eaststruck: Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson's Foucault and the Iranian Revolution in Context," Human Studies, 30:2 (2007) 157-166.

Invited Lectures

  • “Addressed to Tehran: The Making of an Urban Counter-Public,” at Institute of Arts and Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, 27 March 2014.
  • “The Critic as Activist: Online Commentary on Iranian Art,” Iran: Art and Discourse, Symposium co-sponsored by Asia Society and the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, 26 October 2013.
  • “Crossing Tehran Avenue: Digital, Urban, and Diasporic Spaces,” Fall 2012 Iranian Studies Seminar Series, Foundation for Iranian Studies and Toronto Initiative for Iranian Studies, University of Toronto, 19 October 2012.
  • “The Cabinet of Mr. Hedayat and Plato’s Pharmacy: Poisons and Remedies in The Blind Owl” presented at “The Blind Owl: A Workshop,” Sponsored by The Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture, UC Irvine, 22 April 2011.

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