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Gail Hosking

A110 Liberal Arts
(585) 475-6194
BA Alfred University
MS in Philosophy and History of Education/ Iowa State University
MFA Creative Writing and Literature/ Bennington College



Snake's Daughter: The Roads in and out of War (memoir) published by University of Iowa Press, May 1997.

• A chapter of Snake's Daughter is anthologized in Coming of Age, Volume Two, edited by Bruce Emra, and published by the National Textbook Company, 1998.

• Poem “Poetry’s Beginning” in Visiting Frost, edited by Coghill and Tammaro, University of Iowa Press, 2005.

• Poem “Finding it Again” in Knocking on the Silence: An Anthology of Poetry, edited by Marbach and Schwartz, Foothills Publishing, 2005.

• Essay “Conversion: Trail of a Resident Alien” in Risk, Courage and Women, University of Northern Texas Press, Fall of 2007. Best of the Best from University Presses.

• Poem “Teacups in the Air” in Come Together, Imagine Peace, Harmony Series, Bottom Dog Press, 2008.

Creative Nonfiction: Sept. 2009 “Benny and the Mets”

• Cream City Review Fall 2006 “The Weapon”

• Ascent Winter 2005 “I Want To Hear From a Hero”

• The North Atlantic Review Fall 2004 “Sacrifices”

• Folio Spring 2004 “Elvis in Hanoi”

• The Louisville Review Spring 2003 “The Guava as Writing Material”

• Passages North Spring 2002 “The Man Next Door

• The Threepenny Review Spring 2002 Table Talk Section

• Flower City Review Spring 2002 “Short Flights”

• Post Road Fall 2000 “A Story I Could Have Written

If Only I Knew it Was Happening.”

• The Cream City Review Fall 2000 “Conversion: Trail of a Resident


• The Chattahoochee Review Summer 2000 “Trying on a Death Mask”

• The Florida Review Winter 1999 “The Oxygen of Love”

• The Chattahoochee Review Summer1999 “Twentieth Century Pleasures”

• The 4th Genre Spring 1999 “Poetry in George Eastman’s


• The New Jersey Star Ledger May/Nov 1998

• The Chattahoochee Review Fall 1997 “Kaddish for an Applachian


• The Chattachoochee Review Summer 1995 “Metis”

• The South Dakota Review Winter l994 “Underneath the Map”

• The South Dakota Review Fall 1993 “Late Night Photographs”

• Rochester Shorts 1992, l993, l994

• The Army Times Magazine Dec./Feb. 1992

• Democrat and Chronicle 1990-1994

• The Jewish Ledger 1989-1993


• Ellipsis 2009 “After the War”

• Birmingham Poetry Review 2008 “Two Republics Again”

• Nimrod International Spring 2004 “Elvis in Hanoi”

“On the Way to Danang”

• Tar River Poetry Spring 2003 “The Black Wall”

• The Hiram Poetry Review Winter 2002 “Personal Effects”

• Nightsun Fall 2000 “Anniversary” March 2000 featured poet

• The Texas Observer March 2000 “Literary Friend”

• Northeast Corridor 1999 “Witness”

• Jabbewock Winter 1997 “Poem #41”

• The Pointed Circle Summer 1997 “Bar Mitzvah”


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