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Liberal and Medical Arts

The literary arts, medical humanities, and social sciences provide insight into wellness, illness, disability, and pathology, and offer historical views on medical practices. Attention to liberal arts helps to develop cultural and communication perspectives. These Liberal Arts courses will develop skills in critical analysis, interpersonal empathy, and self-reflection -- skills that are essential for human-centered medical care. The immersion will help students examine how bioscience and medicine interact with cultural, cognitive, and communicative contexts and how these impact the individual experience of illness and the ways medicine is practiced.

ENGL–340 Literary Diseases

ENGL–345 History of Madness

COMM–344 Health Communication

STSO-341 Biomedical Issues: Science and Technology

HIST–338 Disability History

FNRT-384 Art of Dying

ENGL–460 ST: Neuro-Atypical Brain and AutoPathoNarrative