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Text and Code

We encounter digital texts and codes every time we use a smart phone, turn on an app, or interact online. This immersion explores innovative and evolving questions and practices of text and code in literature, linguistics, creative writing, geospatial mapping, locative and interactive media. With two additional courses, students complete the minor in Digital Literatures and Media. Some courses also count toward the minor in Language Science.

Students select any two ENGL courses from the provided list, and a third course, depending on their field of interest.

ENGL-210 Text and Code

ENGL-315 History of Digital Literature 

ENGL–376 Experimental Writing

ENGL–419 Literature & Technology

ENGL–422 Maps, Spaces, Places

ENGL-450 Free and Open Source Culture

ENGL–460 Storytelling Across Media

ENGL-351 Language Technology

ENGL–481 Introduction to Natural Language Processing

ISTE–382 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

IGME-110 Introduction to Interactive Media

FNRT-356 Interactive Design for Museums

Creative Writing Awards!

Join us on April 22nd at 4:00PM in the SAU Reading Room for our annual Creative Writing Awards! Writer David Schickler is our guest speaker, along with live readings from our CW award winners...

To submit your work for the CW awards:

David Schickler's web site: