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Digital Literatures and Comparative Media

We encounter digital texts and codes every time we use a smart phone, launch an app, or interact online. This immersion explores innovative and evolving questions and practices of text and code in literature, creative writing, and interactive media. It invites students to explore the social, cultural, and technological significance of text, code, and their interrelations. With additional courses, students complete the minor in Digital Literatures and Comparative Media.  

Students must take ENGL-215 (Text and Code) and two other English courses. Please see our course listings to determine which classes are applicable to the immersion. 

Advisor: Dr. Laura Shackelford, LBR-2116,


Job Posting: Tenure Track

This year, we are hiring for a tenure track position in Digital Writing and New Media Production. Check out the job announcement here!

Creative Writing Awards!

Join us on April 22nd at 4:00PM in the SAU Reading Room for our annual Creative Writing Awards! Writer David Schickler is our guest speaker, along with live readings from our CW award winners...

To submit your work for the CW awards:

David Schickler's web site: