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COLA-ENGL-150 Storytelling 0502-227

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COLA-ENGL-211 Intro to Creative Writing N/A

Introduction to Creative Writing is designed to guide students into the imaginative craft of creative nonfiction and fiction prose or poetry. The primary goal is to experiment with various forms of Creative Writing, and out of that to produce at least one polished assignment in prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

COLA-ENGL-360 Written Argument 0502-443

This course will focus on academic writing – specifically, the arguments presented in different fields and professions about issues of significance. Students will learn about the rhetorical, ethical, emotional, historical, and logical elements of persuasion as they relate to written and visual arguments, and they will practice making claims, providing evidence, exploring underlying assumptions, and anticipating counter-arguments as they relate to different audiences. In addition to argument analyses, students will develop arguments of their own through inquiry-based essays.

COLA-ENGL-361 Technical Writing 0502-444

Provides knowledge of and practice in technical writing. Key topics include audience analysis; organizing, preparing and revising short and long technical documents; designing documents using effective design features and principles, and formatting elements using tables and graphs; conducting research; writing technical definitions, and physical and process descriptions; writing instructions; and individual and group peer editing.

COLA-ENGL-376 Experimental Writing N/A

This course moves from magic to modernity, from monster to machine, to explore the transformative power of experimental writing. Students will play with texts that challenge our usual ways of thinking about the relationship of language to the world: the cultural contexts within which language functions, the conflicts out of which it arises, the aesthetic pleasures with which it is associated, and the purposes – intentional or other – which it serves. Writing experiments can test boundaries and break limits, offering us ways to reconsider and redefine our own experience – social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual.

COLA-ENGL-381 Science Writing 0502-460

Study of and practice in writing about science, environment, medicine and technology for audiences ranging from the general public to scientists and engineers. Starts with basic science writing for lay audiences, emphasizing writing strategies and techniques. Also explores problems of conveying highly complex technical information to multiple audiences, factors that influence science communication to the public, and interactions between scientists and journalists. The course examines new opportunities for covering science (especially on the internet), important ethical and practical constraints that govern the reporting of scientific information, and the cultural place of science in our society.

COLA-ENGL-440 Poetry Workshop 0502-451

An exploration of the techniques of writing poetry in both open and closed forms.

COLA-ENGL-441 Fiction Workshop 0502-452

This course is for students who want to explore in-depth the literary genre of fiction.

COLA-ENGL-442 Creative Nonfiction Workshop 0502-459

This course is for students who want to understand and experiment with the genre of creative nonfiction and to add to their skills as a creative writer. In this intensive workshop students will explore the use of “I” as a guide, seek the extraordinary within the ordinary, and find the story within the facts. Reading/reflection and writing/revision will be emphasized all semester.

COLA-ENGL-443 Editing the Literary Magazine (Signatures) 0502-461

This seminar-style course seeks to introduce students to the editorial profession and will focus on questions of literary judgment: How do we assess literature? What is the importance of the literary magazine as genre? Several class periods will be devoted to examination of the history and cultural significance of the "small magazine" over the course of the past century. Students will also consider the history of student magazines at RIT (available in the RIT Archives), and technological innovations, such as the "mimeograph revolution" of the 1960s, the subsequent desktop publishing revolution, and contemporary Internet magazines. Finally, students will discuss what professional editors themselves have to say regarding their craft, their criteria for selection, and the decisions they constantly face. Work on the staff of Signatures Magazine, RIT’s award-winning art & literary magazine, is one option for final projects.

COLA-ENGL-462 Worlds of Writing 0502-449

This course offers a diverse range of written assignments, including personal narrative, research and analysis, oral histories, documentary studies, and literary interpretation. Accompanying the written assignments are selected readings that can focus on the life adventures of a famous professional, investigations into significant historical events, documentary narrative, oral history and photography on the world of work, holocaust survivor memoirs in comic book form, selected short stories and poems as well as videos and other media. The course focuses on the social context of language, on issues of representation, and how language shapes our understanding of reality.

COLA-ENGL-463 Writing the Self and Others 0502-455

Writing the Self & Others is a one-semester, three credit course that focuses on forms of writing that address notions of self and other. The forms may be linear narratives, constructed projects such as artist books, or digitally mediated texts that incorporate images, text, video and audio files. Students learn about the relationships between orality, image, and text, and about how we know ourselves through others, and others through ourselves. This course emphasizes the reflective process of memoir, autoethnography, and autobiography, moving from short exercises into longer, peer-reviewed texts. Students read from culturally diverse memoirs and oral histories, conduct research online, in databases and archives, or through interviews, and view documentaries.

COLA-ENGL-472 Special Topics in Writing Studies 0502-560


COLA-ENGL-480 Rhetoric of Science 0502-456

As science becomes more widely dispersed throughout our daily lives, and as funding agencies and research institutions become essential to discovery, the relationships between “science” and “rhetoric” become murkier. What--if any--relationships exist between rhetoric and science? What does argument, or writing in general, have to do with scientific knowledge? Is scientific research a process of identifying positive truths or a matter of crafting the most reasonable and persuasive explanation? What is at stake when we ask these questions? Students will bring a rhetorically-sensitive and historically-grounded perspective to these important topics. Readings include both primary texts and secondary resources.

COLA-ENGL-542 Advanced Creative Writing 0502-462

This course is for students who have completed a creative writing workshop and want to explore in-depth a single literary genre. The focus will be on the creation of a significant piece of writing for a final project. In addition to planning and producing a single, sustained creative work, students will complete other exercises and assignments in order to experiment with the genre.


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