11th Annual Conference
Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester New York
November 12-14, 2009


Thursday, November 12th -- All sessions are in the Liberal Arts Building (Bldg. 6)

2-8 Registration in the Faculty Lounge, Liberal Arts (6-1251)

4-5:30 Invited Address (6-A205, in basement)

Dr. William Astore

Civility: First Refuge of the Patriot?

5:30-7 Dinner: a casual dinner at Crossroads, on campus, on your own

7-8 Concurrent Session 1

A Kim Skoog (6-3214)

Plotting a course of civility in the growing global economic crisis:
where lies our obligations in helping the poor vs. ourselves?

B Richard McGowan (6-3225)

Civic Responsibility and the Necessity of Hope

C Shane Ralston (6-3232)

Teaching Democratic Citizenship and Civility in the Classroom:
Five Lessons from Dewey's Democracy and Education

8-9:30 Reception & cash bar, Student Alumni Union, 1829 room

A civil discussion of civility, hosted by Lisa Newton

Friday, November 13th -- All sessions are in the Liberal Arts Building, Bldg. 6.

8-10 Registration, in the Faculty Lounge, Liberal Arts (6-1251)

9-12 Concurrent Session 2 -- Engineering ethics and narratives (6-A201, in basement)

A Jun Fudano, Fumihiko Tochinai, & Kenichi Natsume

Engineering Ethics Education through Values-Sharing

B Christina Matta, Laura Grossenbacher, & Joseph Herkert

Macroethics in the Engineering Classroom

C Ron Roach, Tim Moore, Adam Neal, & Michael Elrod

Homo sapiens or Homo narrans? Teaching Ethics, Citizenship, and Civility
through Walter Fisher's Narrative Program

9-12 Concurrent Session 3 -- Ethics Across the Curriculum (6-3214)

A Joan Whitman Hoff & Marcia J. Kurzynski

Teaching Citizenship and Civility

B Kimberly Peer & Gretchen Schlabach

Uncovering the Moral Compass: An Integrated Ethics Education Approach
Transcending the Curriculum

C Joseph Herkert, Mary Jane C. Parmentier, & Jeffrey Thomas

Lincoln Ethics Teaching Fellows Program at the ASU Polytechnic Campus

9-12 Current Session 4 (6-3215)

A Alan Tomhave

Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship

B Laura Arcila-Villa

Cosmopolitanism and Civility

C Robert Halliday

Ivy Halls and I.V. Drips: Ethics and Civility in the Classroom
and in Public Philosophy

12-1 Lunch, on your own, in the Student Alumni Union Cafeteria

1-6 Concurrent Session 5 (6-A201, in basement)

A Paul Gaffney

Competition in the Classroom: An Ideal for Civility

B Paul Ecksein

Conflict and Consensus-Building in a Sometimes Uncivil Society

C Matthew Maruggi

Through Solidarity to Fluidarity: Service-Learning and Spiritual and
Social Conscience Development

D Nathaniel J. Brown & Anji E. Wall

Vocation and Service Learning: Fostering Citizenship through an
Informatics Curriculum

E Craig Titus

Designing Ethics Curriculum: Teaching and Assessing Moral Decision Making
in a Service-Learning Design Course

1-7 Concurrent Session 6 (6-A205, in basement)

A Cynthia Jones

Robot Ethics and Teaching Ethics

B Heather Matthusen

Pagans, Evangelicals, and Civil Discourse: Teaching Philosophy of Religion
in the South

C Katherine Meacham, Robert (Barry) Sharpe, Alan B. Smith, & John W. Wells

Civility and Citizenship at a Baptist College in the South

D Megan Laverty

Civility and the Banality of Good

E Hallie Liberto

Teaching Sexual Civility: On the Moral Demands of Sex Education
Ignored by Liberals and Conservatives Alike

F Stephen Satris


1-7 Concurrent Session 7 (6-3215)

A Elaine Englehardt & Michael Pritchard

Moral Psychology: Normative and Empirical

B Cliff Guthrie

Teaching the Moral Emotions

C Doug Chismar

Passionate Civility: Balancing Emotional Intensity and Rational Discourse

D Donna Schaeffer

"Unwired" for Compassion: The Ethics of Care, Civility and Citizenry in the
Global, Digital World

E Andrew Terjesen

Civility and Magnanimity

F Stephen Scales

Philosophy and Civility in the Age of Jerry Springer

7 Banquet, Student Alumni Union cafeteria

Presidential Address, Dan Wueste


Saturday, November 14th -- All sessions are in the Glasano Building, Bldg. 70.

9-12 Concurrent Session 8 -- Civility (70-3435)

A William Frey, Jose Curz, Aury M. Curbelo-Ruiz, & Halley D. Sanchez

EAC Toolkit

B John Ahrens

Encouraging Civic Discourse in a Most Unlikely Place

C Kristin P. Schaupp

"You think what?" Rational and Civil Disagreement in the Philosophy Classroom

9-12 Concurrent Session 9 -- Performance, testing, and learning to listen (70-3445)

A David White

Peformance Learning as Education for Citizenship

B Howard Curzer

Neo-Neo-Kolbergianism and the DIT-3

C Mark Clark

Ethical Listening and the Civility of the Doctor-Patient Interaction

9-12 Concurrent Session 10 -- Outreach (70-3455)

A William D. Lawson, Katherine A. Austin, Bryon Newberry, Greta Gorsuch, & Thomas J. Darwin

Overcoming acculturation barriers to ethics education for international engineering graduate
students: an integrative approach

B Anastasia Pease

"I am here to make friends": Teaching Civility to the Reality TV Generation of Digital Natives

C Katie J. Biggie & Mara B. Huber

Developing Civic Pathways: A University Model

12-1 Lunch, on your own, Crossroads suggested

1-6 Concurrent Session 11 -- Civility (70-3435)

A Stanley Konecky

Civility Is Not Enough

B James (Jed) Donelan

Deliberative Dialogue, Ethics and Citizenship: From Theory through
the Classroom to Practice

C Timothy Shiell

Debunking Three Myths about Civility

D Jeanne Sokolec

Legislating Civility in the Classroom

E Kathryn Russell

Summer Ethics Institute at SUNY Cortland: Faculty Development

1-6 Concurrent Session 12 -- Business Ethics and Communication (70-3445)

A Charlotte McDaniel

Ethics Debates: Ethics, Congruency, and Context

B Richard McGowan, Matt McGowan, Garry McGowan

Relativism and the Teaching of Business Ethics

C Charles F. Piazza

The Business Professional as Global Citizen: A Communitarian and
Character Ethics Perspective

D Kathleen Szczepanek

Business Ethics: How to Develop Ethical Awareness and Introspection
in our Students

E Alice L. Crume

Ethics Taught, Ethics Learned, and Ethics Practiced

1-6 Concurrent Session 13 -- Reasoning, Writing, Socrates and others (70-3455)

A Jeff Buechner

Authentic Civic Participation Requires Critical Thinking Methods That Work

B Maureen Barry & Sybil R. Ishman

Sowing the Seeds of Academic Integrity in Writing Assignments

C Timothy J. Madigan

Socrates: Super Patriot, Cynic, Anarchist or Critical Citizen?

D Mel Brandon

Teaching Deliberative Democracy: Social Security, Global Warming,
and Health Care Reform

E Nick Braune

Erich Fromm's Civics: Cultivating the Virtue of Disobedience

6 Business meeting, Student Alumni Union, 1829 Room, followed by a casual dinner and discussion


Thanks to generous funding by
The Ethics Center at Utah Valley University
Dr. James Dale Ethics Center at Youngstown State University
The Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology