Friday, May 1st, 9-5:30
Carlson Auditorium (76-1125)

Ryne Raffaelle (Academic Director, Golisano Institute for Sustainability)
Wade Robison (Ezra A.Hale Chair in Applied Ethics)
Evan Selinger (Assistant Professor, Philosophy)

Directions and parking, Accommodations, Dining

8:45-9 Opening Remarks: William Destler, President, RIT

Morning sessions, 9-12: Evan Selinger, Moderator

9-10 Braden Allenby, Lincoln Professor of Engineering & Ethics, Arizona State University

10-11 Bryan Norton, Distinguished Professor in Public Policy at Georgia Tech

11-12 David Orr, Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics, Oberlin College

12-1 Lunch break

Afternoon sessions, 1-5:30: Ryne Raffaelle, Moderator

Opening Remarks: Nabil Nasr

1-2 Paul Thompson, W. K. Kellog Chair in Agricultural, Food, & Community Ethics at Michigan State University

2-3 William Shutkin, Director, Initiative for Sustainable Development and Chair in Sustainable Development, University of Colorado at Boulder

3-4 Panel of Commentators: Randall Curren (University of Rochester), Sarah B. Pralle (Syracuse University), and Erin Taylor (Cornell University), responding to the following questions: "What do the presentations have in common? Where do they differ? Where are there problems?"

Moderator: Robert Ulin, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

4-5:30 Panel of Presenters: Braden Allenby, Bryan Norton, David Orr, Paul Thompson, and William Shutkin

Moderator: Jeremy Haefner, Provost, RIT

Each of the participants will be responding to the following five questions:

1. Why is "sustainability" a contested concept?
2. How is your preferred definition of sustainability better than alternative accounts?
3. What is sustainability ethics, and how does it differ from more established forms of applied ethics, such as environmental ethics and business ethics?
4. What unique contributions can the discipline of philosophy make towards enhancing our understanding of what sustainability is and how sustainable goals can be accomplished?
5. What are the most important topics of future inquiry that sustainability theorists need to investigate?

Co-sponsored and funded by the Provost at RIT, Jeremy Haefner
The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Robert Ulin
The Golisano Institute of Sustainability
Nabil Nasr, Director of the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies
Mary-Beth Cooper, Student Affairs
The Mellon Foundation, and
The Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Philosophy

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These presentations are free
and open to all.

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contact Cassandra Shellman as early as you can at 585.475.2057 or via e-mail.