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Music Concentration

This disciplinary concentration in music offers the student a broad range of courses in the history, theory, and practice of music. Students with a background in music and/or a genuine desire to know more about the subject will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of various theoretical and historical aspects, as well as participate in performing groups at RIT.

Note: Evening students may not declare this concentration.

Concentration Advisor
Carl Atkins

Required Courses
Choose three courses from the following:

  • 0505-401 RIT Singers*
  • 0505-402 RIT Orchestra*
  • 0505-403 RIT Concert Band*
  • 0504-404 RIT Worlds of Music Ensemble*
  • 0504-405 RIT Jazz Ensemble*
  • 0505-442 Music in the United States
  • 0505-447 The American Musical Theater
  • 0505-448 20th Century American Music
  • 0505-449 Music Theory I (Prerequisite: Elementary music skills)
  • 0505-450 Music and the Stage
  • 0505-454 American Orchestra and its Repertoire
  • 0505-455 Survey of Jazz
  • 0505-456 Topics in Music History
  • 0505-459 Era of Haydn and Mozart
  • 0505-461 World Music I
  • 0505-462 World Music II
  • 0505-463 The Survey of African-American Music
  • 0505-464 The Blues as Personal and Social Commentary
  • 0505-465 Special Topics in Music
  • 0505-466 Sounds of Protest
  • 0505-470 American Popular Song
  • 0505-482 Beethoven
  • 0505-483 Bach and the Baroque
  • 0505-484 Romanticism in Music
  • 0505-485 Music Theory II

*Note: All ensembles are 1 credit hour only. 4 quarters required to complete 1 upper-level course.