Liberal Arts Takes the Virtual Plunge Into Second Life


by Nicolette Lewis


Disability: A New Perspective For the Textile Industry


by Michaela Conrad


Kist Shares his Goals as Interim Dean of CLA

  by Anna Rundle
Interview With a Soldier

by Amy D'Amico


Speakers and Seminars Put the Spotlight on CLA

  by Janie Wood and Katie Locus

The Last Brick


by Sarah Exley

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Liberal Smarts is a bi-annual newsletter written and produced by Liberal Arts students.  The motto is “by the students for the students”.  The newsletter provides information about the College of Liberal Arts for students, faculty, alumni, and family of enrolled Liberal Arts students. 

Additionally, Liberal Smarts is the most widely-distributed newsletter on campus!  For anyone involved in the production of an issue, it is truly something to be proud of.   

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Liberal Smarts – Winter 2007  


Katie Locus (’09)

Professional & Technical Communication 


Julie Lisuzzo (’10)

New Media Design and Imaging 


Taryn Peterson (’09)

Visual Media 

Contributing Writers

Michaela Conrad (’10)

Criminal Justice 

Amy D’Amico (’09)

Criminal Justice 

Sarah Exley (’08)

Professional & Technical Communication 

Nicolette Lewis (’08)

Communication & Media Technologies 

Anna Rundle (’10)

Professional & Technical Communication 


Dr. Bruce Austin

Chairman, Department of Communication 

Website Editor

Tyler Schindel (’09)

Information Technology 



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