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Summer Abroad
by J.S. Ost

Photo provided by Melinda Bobholz

Eight RIT students and faculty spent a portion of their summer vacation in Croatia, studying at the American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) in Dubrovnik. AMCT, one of RIT’s colleges, runs a year-round program in Croatia. During the summer session, students from RIT can take five-week courses with Croatian students, taught both by RIT and AMCT faculty.

RIT students who went on the trip noted the impact that experiencing another culture had on them personally, specifically by changing the way they see their own day-to-day lives. Even the simplest everyday ctivities—asking for directions, using the bathroom, and expressing gratitude—were a major challenge for the students. Overall, they were thankful for the opportunity to explore Croatia’s rich, ancient history and culture.

Photo provided Melinda Bobholz

At left: Front view of the Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Below, Back row (sitting, L to R): Stasa Puskaric (ACMT faculty),
Melinda Bobholtz, Karen Bochette (RIT interpreter),
Ana Zuzenic (ACMT student), Stefanie Owczarczak, and
Paul Ferber (RIT faculty).

Kneeling (L to R): Karolina Kotas, Sarah Morgan (RIT interpreter),
and Deirdre Smith.


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