Ideas do exist: A look into conferences sponsored by the Department of Communication

  by Nicolette Lewis

RIT Students Attend 2nd Annual Advertising Industry Diversity Job Fair and Leadership Conference at NYU


by Sarah Exley


The Last Brick


by Katie Locus


Liberal Arts Takes the Virtual Plunge Into Second Life

  by Nicolette Lewis

Disability: A New Perspective For the Textile Industry


by Michaela Conrad


Kist Shares his Goals as Interim Dean of CLA

  by Anna Rundle
Interview With a Soldier

by Amy D'Amico


Speakers and Seminars Put the Spotlight on CLA

  by Janie Wood and Katie Locus

The Last Brick


by Sarah Exley

Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Communication

The Last Brick

by Katie Locus


Alumni Notes Spring ‘08


Anthony Allsop (’07) is a recruitment official for AFLAC in Philadelphia, PA.

Communication & Media Technologies:

Rashad Bayramov (’04) is Publications and Employee Programs Team Leader for British Petroleum.

Elizabeth Karras (’06) is presenting her research paper at the International Communication Association’s (ICA) annual conference in Montreal.

Carin L. Kosmoski (’04) is a Ph.D. student at Purdue University.

Nicole Robinson (’08) has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in Health Communication at George Mason University as well as a graduate assistantship with a teaching and research position.

Professional & Technical Communication

Wilfredo Alvarez (’02) is a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and recently presented two research papers: “Diversity in the Workplace” and “Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication”.

Karen L. Benjamin (’93) is co-founder and principal partner at Worldleaders in Rochester, NY, and also serves on a variety of Rochester-area boards and committees. She is also currently named RIT Distinguished Alum!

Amy Blair (’00) is Director of Marketing for Denver’s (CO) Division of Theater & Arenas.

Dr. Walter J. Carl (’95) is an Associate Professor at Northeastern University.

Amy Chartrand (’06) is Community Director for the March of Dimes in Buffalo, NY.

Penny Emery (’93) works with the Director of On Line Services at HealthNow in Buffalo, NY.

Amanda Montgomery (’05) got a Master of Science degree in Labor Studies from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Jennifer Scheffler (’06) is Project Coordinator at the Progress Center for Independent Living in Forest Park, Illinois.

Rebecca Nelson (’07) is currently employed as Marketing Coordinator at VanDamme Associate in Pittsford, NY, and is also enrolled in RIT’s MS degree in IT/Business Communications.


Advertising & Public Relations

Shannon Kelley (’06) is Marketing and Communication Assistant at Logical Images in Rochester, NY.

Public Policy

Katie Kimmel (’07) is an Environmental Specialist for the City of Ventura, CA, for developing a city-wide sustainability program.


David Chinander (’06) is a Computer Help Desk analyst at Western Illinois University.


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