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College of Liberal Arts
The Final Word
by Steve Rokitka
I can see it’s hard for Anna McDonald to move through a crowd. In the middle of Java Wally’s, she is immediately swamped by half a dozen people, all wanting to talk to the soon-to-be commencement speaker.

  Anna McDonald, the 2002 College of Liberal Arts Comm-encement Speaker, is a dual major in Economics and Applied Statistics.

An Economics and Applied Statistics major, McDonald is well known in the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) and elsewhere around RIT. Her involvement with COLA has been strong for several years, including a term in the Academic Senate. As a senator, McDonald worked to gain recognition for programs within the college, as well as for Liberal Arts students and their accomplishments. In addition to addressing the college at graduation, McDonald has found time to tutor children at the Hillside Center and is among the first students to graduate with a dual major.

Anna McDonald, the 2002 College of Liberal Arts Commencement Speaker, is a dual major in Economics and Applied Statistics.

McDonald started out as an Economics major, and through classes in Econometrics, discovered an affinity for numbers that went beyond that of a typical Economics major. “I love data and working with numbers,” she says. Her hope is that she will be able to use the technology to its full potential, while maintaining her community involvement.

In reference to her speech at the ceremony, McDonald points out several ideas she considers important to Liberal Arts majors. “I’ve been thinking about the concept of studying liberal arts at a technical college, and its advantages. There is a need for caring professionals who want to be involved with the community, and liberal arts is one of the main places that those people graduate from.”

McDonald’s speech is scheduled for the commencement ceremony on May 25th in the Clark Gymnasium.


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