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Rochester Institute of Technology
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Kist Shares his Goals as Interim Dean of CLA

by Anna Rundle


Dr. Glenn Kist began as interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) on November 27, 2006. Although his position is temporary, the job responsibilities are nothing new to Kist.  He has extensive administrative experience in the College of Liberal Arts.  
            The interim dean’s position involves administrating College affairs, including ensuring that the curriculum is offered, meeting student needs, maintaining a balanced budget, and resolving personnel issues. 
Kist earned his bachelor and master’s degrees in history at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kist taught for two years at a community college in Dodge City, Kansas, while working on his doctorate in history at Loyola University.
            “I started at RIT back in 1970 and I taught history,” said Kist.  “In 1981, I became the chair of Science and Humanities Division, which included the departments of history, philosophy, fine art and science, technology, and society.  In 1988, I became associate dean of CLA.”  
            Kist notes, “I had been in the administration of CLA for so long and was familiar with the operations of the college, that I was willing to take up the job as interim dean.”
            During his tenure, Kist has several goals he wants to accomplish.  “I would like to see the dean’s office havecloser contact with the students who are enrolled in the College’s degree programs,” said Kist.
            Kist will introduce “a program of inviting small groups of freshmen to have dinner with the dean of CLA.” Not only does Kist want first-year students to have contacts that can help them academically, he also believes all CLA students should become more integrated as a community and connect better with the college.  Many COLA students are not familiar with the other department majors that are in the same college.  About 700 students, including graduate students, are enrolled in one CLA degree program or more. 
            Kist’s position as interim dean ends June 30, 2008. A new permanent dean will be hired and take Kist’s place on July 1 at the College. As far as Kist’s plans for the future, it is unclear whether he will retire or keep working once his position ends. 
            “I’m undecided as to the next step in my career,” said Kist.

            The dean position is a role that Kist positively uses to impact the progress of CLA as a whole.Kist

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