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Rochester Institute of Technology
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Communication

Speakers and Seminars Put the Spotlight on CLA

by Janie Wood and Katie Locus
Every year, the College of Liberal Arts’ (CLA) endowed professors sponsor a series of events that enhance and expand the College’s educational mission.  This year, there are four different sessions: the Gannett Series, Hale Ethics series, Gosnell series, and Kern events.

Dr. Mary-Lynn Broe is in charge of the Gannett lectures that explore new intersections of science, technology, social sciences, and technology by presenting nationally and internationally known speakers.  The most recent event was a seminar featuring Ze Frank on October 3rd, and upcoming speakers include an award-winning artistic director, an American Sign Language poet, and a syndicated comic strip creator.

The Hale Ethics sessions are directed by Dr. Wade Robison and, this year, the focus is on moral ethics and their applicability in contemporary times.  A recent speaker was Dr. John Capps on October 4th.

Dr. Amit Batabyal directs the Gosnell lecture series and each year, “prominent economists and scholars in other disciplines...deliver special interest lectures for the benefit of the RIT community”.  Thus far this year, there were two speakers on October 3rd and 15th: Bharat Anand from the Harvard Business School and Rich Howard from Dartmouth College.

For the Kern events, Dr. Diane Hope will host a conference from April 10th to 13th at the Strathallan Hotel, focusing on the topic of “Visual Communication: Rhetoric and Technology”.

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