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Title Mediasort descending Thumbnail Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia (DVD) DVD French Laurent Tirard 3131
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD Chinese French Ang Lee 2102
Beyond Silence DVD German English Caroline Link 4141
Elite Squad - The Enemy Within DVD Portuguese English Jose Padilha 7114
The Best of Global Lens: Africa DVD French English João Luis Sol de Carvalho, John Barker, Maria João Ganga, Fanta Régina Nacro 3121
La Seconda Volta DVD Italian English Mimmo Calopresti 5109
O Homen Que Copiava (The Man Who Copied) DVD Portuguese Jorge Furtado 7109
Young and Restless in China DVD Chinese English Sue Williams 2135
Oblomova (Oblomov) DVD Russian English Nikita Mikhalkov 8107
Reality DVD Italian English, French Matteo Garrone 5121
Vidas Secas (Barren Lives) DVD Portuguese None Nelson Pereira dos Santos 7112
The Dreams of Sparrows DVD Arabic English Hayder Mousa Daffar 1108
The Barbarian Invasions DVD French English Denys Arcand 3115
Carmen DVD Spanish English Vicente Aranda 9113
Pasqualino SetteBellezze (Seven Beauties) DVD Italian Italian Lina Wertmuller 5139
Kokowääh DVD German German Til Schweiger 4125
Lina Wertmüller Collection (3 Disk Set) DVD Italian English Lina Wertmüller 5108
Under the Bombs DVD Arabic English Philippe Aractingi 1113
Shijie (The World) DVD Chinese English Zhangke Jia 2137
Le Conseguenze dell'Amore (The Consequences of Love) DVD Italian Paolo Sorrentino 5120