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Some of the audio CD and DVD titles are available via internet streaming. If a movie is available for streaming, there will be a button that says in the catalog listing. In order to do this, your browser will require the Silverlight plug-in from Microsoft. You can download that here.

NOTE: Streaming doesn't work with Chrome. You must use Firefox or Internet Explorer on Windows, or Safari on a Mac.

If a movie you want to view is not yet available via streaming, send a request to the MLTC System Administrator.

Title Thumbnail Mediasort descending Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID:
Tour Chinese (2 DVD+MP3+MP4+BOOK) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Qilu Video Publishing House 2110
Skip Beat DVD Chinese English, Chinese Taiwanese TV Series - Various Directors 2121
O Testamento do Senhor Napumoceno (Napumoceno’s Will) DVD Portuguese English Francisco Manso 7106
Central Station DVD Portuguese English Walter Salles 7122
Travel Guide-BEIJING DVD Chinese None 2107
Lucie Aubrac DVD French English Claude Berri 3118
L'Intrepido DVD Italian Italian Gianni Amelio 5132
Common Chinese (2 DVD + MP3 + MP4 + BOOK) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Qilu Video Publishing House 2111
Kebab Connection DVD German English Anno Saul 4130
Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) DVD Portuguese None Jose Padilha 7107
To Live DVD Chinese English, French, Spanish Yimou Zhang 2118
The Princess and the Warrior DVD German English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Tom Tykwer 4112
La Variabile Umana (The Human Factor) DVD Italian Italian Bruno Oliviero 5133
Shall We Dance DVD Japanese English, French, Spanish Masayuki Suo 6108
A Woman in Berlin DVD German English Max Färberböck 4103
Farewell My Concubine DVD Chinese English Kaige Chen 2119
The Family Game DVD Japanese English Yoshimitsu Morita 6162
The Edukators DVD German English Hans Weingartner 4113
Summer Wars DVD Japanese None Director: Mamoru Hosoda 6151
Suspiria DVD Italian English, French, Italian Dario Argento 5105