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NOTE:Some of the audio CD and DVD titles are available via internet streaming. If a movie is available for streaming, there will be a button that says in the catalog listing. In order to do this, your browser will require the Silverlight plug-in from Microsoft. You can download that here.

If a movie you want to view is not yet available via streaming, send a request to the MLTC System Administrator.

Title Thumbnail Media Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID:
Reality DVD Italian 5121
Le Ragioni Dell' Aragosta DVD Italian Sabina Guzzanti 5122
Mio Fratello E Figlio Unico DVD Italian Danielle Luchetti 5123
Il Primo Uomo DVD Italian Gianni Amelio 5124
Thermae Romae (The Movie) DVD Japanese Hiroshi Abe 6165
Skip Beat DVD Chinese Taiwanese TV Series - Various Directors 2121
Kebab Connection DVD German Anno Saul 4130
Lecturas Literarias Book Spanish Anne Lambright, Sharon Foerster 9403
The Silk Road DVD Chinese Ian Cross 2122
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul DVD German English Rainer Werner Fassbinder 4100
Ruslan Russian 2 CDROM CD Russian John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva 8502
Ruslan Russian 1 CDROM CD Russian John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva 8501
Head-On DVD German Fatih Akin 4131
Rome Open City DVD Italian Roberto Rossellini 5125
Shirly-Mirly (Ширли-мырли) (Shirli-myrli) DVD Russian Vladimir Menshov 8114
Irony of Fate DVD Russian Eldar Ryazanov 8113
Gentlemen of Fortune DVD Russian Aleksandr Seryj 8120
Ivan Vasilyevich: Back to the Future DVD Russian Leonid Gayday 8119
The Message (Original Arabic) الرسالة DVD Arabic Moustapha Akkad 1124
Beauty and the Beast (Essential Art House) DVD French English Jean Cocteau 3126