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Title Thumbnail Media Language Subtitles Author/Director MLTC ID
8 1/2 DVD Italian English Federico Fellini 5115
Kokowääh DVD German English, German Til Schweiger 4125
The Best of Global Lens: Africa DVD French English João Luis Sol de Carvalho, John Barker, Maria João Ganga, Fanta Régina Nacro 3121
The Best of Global Lens: Brazil DVD Portuguese English Lúcia Murat, Marcelo Gomes, Cláudio Assis, Renato Falcão 7155
The Rosa Lee Show DVD ASL English Rosa Lee and Damon Timm A101
See What I'm Saying DVD ASL Hilari Scarl A102
Three Men and a Baby DVD English French, Spanish Adam Greenberg, Leonard Nimoy 0103
Point of No Return DVD English English, French, Spanish John Badham 0104
Sommersby DVD English English, French Jon Amiel 0105
Breathless DVD English French, Spanish Jim McBride 0106
Manon Des Sources DVD French English Claude Berri 3113
Happy Family Plan DVD Japanese English, Japanese Tsutomu Abe 6164
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days DVD German English Marc Rothemund 4110
Kirikou and the Sorceress DVD French English Michel Ocelot 3112
The Class DVD French English, Spanish Laurent Cantet 3114
The Barbarian Invasions DVD French English Denys Arcand 3115
National Treasure (Chinese) DVD Chinese English, Chinese Jon Turteltaub 2117
The Way DVD Spanish Spanish Emilio Estevez 9115
Das Boot - The Director's Cut DVD German English, French, Spanish Wolfgang Petersen 4111
Germinal DVD French English Claude Berri 3116