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NOTE:Some of the audio CD and DVD titles are available via internet streaming. If a movie is available for streaming, there will be a button that says in the catalog listing. In order to do this, your browser will require the Silverlight plug-in from Microsoft. You can download that here.

If a movie you want to view is not yet available via streaming, send a request to the MLTC System Administrator.

Title Thumbnail Language Subtitles Typesort descending Author/Director MLTC ID:
Inch'Allah Dimanche Arabic DVD Yamina Benguigui 1106
Iraq in Fragments (2 Disk Version) Arabic DVD James Longley 1102
Mediterraneo Italian DVD Gabriele Salvatores 5128
Where Do We Go Now? Arabic DVD Nadine Labaki 1134
The Lover French DVD Jean-Jacques Annaud 3129
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days German DVD Marc Rothemund 4110
O Tempo E O Vento Portuguese DVD Jayme Monjardim 7158
The Son's Room Italian DVD Nanni Moretti 5104
About 111 Girls Arabic English DVD Nahid Ghobadi, Bijan Zamanpira 1119
My Country, My Country Arabic DVD Laura Poitras 1107
Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces Arabic DVD Ferid Boughedir 1103
Türkisch für Anfänger (Turkish for Beginners) German DVD Bora Dagtekin 4138
Son of Babylon Arabic DVD Mohamed Al-Daradji 1135
Partie de Campagne French DVD Jean Renoir 3130
Happy Family Plan Japanese DVD Tsutomu Abe 6164
The Great Beauty Italian DVD Paolo Sorrentino 5117
Dreams Ensnared Spanish None DVD Sonia Fritz 9111
The Story of Film French DVD Mark Cousins 3122
The Dreams of Sparrows Arabic DVD Hayder Mousa Daffar 1108
9 Star Hotel Arabic English DVD Ido Haar 1109