B.S. in Applied Modern Language & Culture

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
      - Ludwig Wittgenstein, Prominent Austrian-British Philosopher from the 20th Century

Today’s work force is international and global, and career opportunities may take you to international locations where a solid understanding of your career field includes proficiency in a second language and its culture. The B.S. in Applied Modern Language and Culture (AMLC) prepares you to actively apply your knowledge of language and culture to a technical or professional discipline.

Integration of Language, Culture, and Professional /Technical Disciplines

Choose one of the language tracks—currently Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish, with French and German to be added later —and immerse yourself in that region’s language and culture. Learn to speak, understand, read, and write in your chosen language, as well as gain proficiency in the culture and traditions surrounding the language and geographic region. You will also choose a second major of study or a minor in a technical or professional discipline, such as computing, information technology, engineering, business, health sciences, the arts, or the sciences.

International experience

Through required study abroad or an international co-op, students immerse yourself in your chosen language, engage in cultural customs and traditions, and broaden yourr global perspective and understanding.

Capstone project

In your final year, you will engage in an interdisciplinary capstone seminar that integrates your chosen language with the professional or technical field you have chosen to pursue.


Courses include:

  • Chinese/Japanese/Spanish for Science and Technology
  • Chinese/Japanese/ Spanish for Professional Purposes
  • Intensive Practical Writing and Speaking in Chinese/Japanese


Department Chair: Dr. Hiroko Yamashita, hxygsl@rit.edu/475-6074
Main office: EAS-3225; senior staff assistant of MLC, Mrs. Linda Rossiter, lmrgss@rit.edu/475-2018

Chinese track: (Zhong Chen zxcgsl@rit.edu )
Japanese track: (Hiroko Yamashita hxygsl@rit.edu)
Spanish track: (Sara Armengot seagsl@rit.edu)