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Dreams Ensnared

Dreams Ensnared

Author/Director: Sonia Fritz

MLTC ID: 9222

Media Type: VHS
Language: Spanish


This documentary examines the situation of Dominican immigration into New York City, detailing the economic pressures of unemployment and poverty in the Dominican Republic which have led to a rapidly growing Dominican community in New York, primarily in Brooklyn and the Washington Heights area of Upper Manhattan. The video focuses on the plight of Dominican women, many of whom are deported as illegal immigrants after making perilous boat trips, and features interviews with many immigrants who are struggling to make a living in New York, most of them working at low wage jobs in the garment industry. A few success stories are also illustrated, demonstrating that those immigrants who have adapted their aspirations to their new circumstances in the U.S., and are willing to work hard, can make a new life for themselves and their families. Dreams Ensnared sketches in the historical background and outlines contemporary economic issues that will encourage discussion of the problems confronting emigrants from the Dominican Republic as well as other Caribbean and Latin American nations today.

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