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The Dreams of Sparrows

Library Resource
Hayder Mousa Daffar

The Dreams of Sparrows follows first time Iraqi director Hayder Mousa
Daffar and his team of contributing directors as they share their vision
of life in Baghdad, post war and pre reconstruction. It is his attempt
to reconcile the conflicting points of view among Iraqis regarding the
war, Saddam Hussein and the occupation; the process of which ultimately
changes him and his crew irrevocably. The Dreams of Sparrows is
dedicated to Saad Fahker, Associate Producer who died during the
production. In the first act we meet Hayder Jabbar, one of the several
Iraqi directors chosen by Daffar to contribute to the documentary
portrait. After explaining his involvement in the project, Jabbar
insists on thanking his savior George Bush, who he loves. Jabbar's
convictions at the beginning of the film, contrasted with the bleak and
often painful subjects of interview, introduce the essential divide
within Iraqi psychology that the movie follows as it develops from the
aftermath of war...