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DVR Service

Record Foreign Language TV Shows to watch later

In the modern world, we are often too busy to watch a show when it is on. The DVR allows us to record these shows and watch them later.

The newest addition to the MLTC is just such a DVR. Not directly accessible by students, faculty member(s) have the option to record MLTC Satellite TV shows, and make them available to students at a later date.

These shows are then viewable by students on demand from any MLTC Machine, with the following feature(s) available.

  • Convenience Watch the show(s) when you want, on your own schedule!
  • High Quality DVD Quality Streaming Video and Audio
  • Fast Forward, Rewind, and Seek are all enabled
  • No Waiting in line Simultaneous user support: 8+ people can be watching the same movie at the same time.

If you are a professor, please click HERE for instructions on how to use the DVR to record a show.

If you are a student, please click HERE for instructions on how to watch a show recorded by your professor.