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Foreign Language TV

International Satellite TV

The Modern Languages and Cultures Department strives to make every effort for the students and faculty. One such example of this is the Foreign Languages Satellite TV. Available on every MLTC TV, as well as two computers in the Lounge Area, there is a specific channel for each language. These Satellite channels are open to use by all students anytime the area is open. Just find a free TV, or visit the lounge area, to catch up on your favorite shows!

Please note that we are currently beta testing MLTC Streaming TV. Report any issues you encounter, but we cannot guarantee this service will be working.


Channel Lineup:


Channel Language Network Program Guide Streaming (BETA)
24 Russian CNL    
25 Arabic AZ TV    
27 MISC MLTC Special Uses Click Here!  
28 Japanese TV JPN    
29 Chinese BL TV    
30 Italian RAI Italia    
31 French TV5MONDE Click Here!  
32 Spanish AZTCA Click Here!
35 German DW-TV Click Here!  
36 Portuguese GLOBO    STREAM NOW!