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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I took a foreign language class in my high school (or a college from which I transferred), and would like to continue taking it at RIT. What shall I do?
A: Please contact a professor of the language BEFORE you register. You will need to take the placement test before registering, which takes about an hour.

Q: My advisor told me that since I took two years of language classes in high school, I can start from that level at RIT?
A: In each institution, the curriculum and level of foreign languages are designed uniquely. Only the faculty of Dept of Modern Languages and Cultures that teach the language can tell the most appropriate level that you can start.

Q: I cannot take the next level because of something. Can I skip the next level and take the two levels beyond? (I can study the textbook myself)
A: You cannot skip the level. No self-study replaces the 40 hours of college instruction, and there is so much more beyond textbook that you must master before taking the next level.

Q: I would like to take a language course, but I will have a conflict just one day in a week with another course I need to take. If I study hard, and come to your office hours, can I still take the course?
A: No. No office-hour meeting, extra handouts, or self-study replaces a full hour of instruction in class. Also teachers are not able to give individual makeup sessions on a regular basis.

Q: I speak a little of the language, but do not know how to write it at all. So I would like to start from Beginning I.
A: The Beginning I course is designed for a truly non-native speaker that does not know speaking or writing. Please see the professor for placement. If necessary, the grading criteria will be adjusted upon the placement evaluation to balance the skills expected to develop in a course.

Q: If I test out of Beginning I by placement exam, does that mean I test out of Arts of Expression?
A: No. Arts of Expression is a course that a student needs to take on campus. If you are placed into a level higher than Beginning I, you will need to take another kind of Arts of Expression course.