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I, the Worst of All

I, the Worst of All

Author/Director: Maria Luisa Bemberg

MLTC ID: 9104

Media Type: DVD
Language: Spanish

Library Resource

A viceroy and an archbishop take their posts in Mexico. A local nun, Sor
Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651-1695), intrigues them. The viceroy and his
wife find her brilliant and fascinating. The prelate finds her a symbol
of European laxity. He engineers the election of a new abbess, severe
and ascetic. The virreina visits Sor Juana often and inspires her to
write passionate poetry that the archbishop finds scandalous. The
viceroy protects her. After he is replaced and returns to Spain with his
wife, Sor Juana faces envy and retribution. A bishop betrays her, her
confessor humbles her. Plague, a tribunal, and her confession as "the
worst of all" end the great poet's life.

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