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Immersions in a Langauge

Language Immersion:

The Modern Languages department offers an immersion in all 10 languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and ASL/Deaf Cultural Studies.  

This immersion introduces students to the language, customs, and cultural aspects (history, art, literature, politics, anthropology, and music) of Arabic-speaking countries. The immersion consists of either three language courses or two language courses and one culture course. Students with previous language skills must consult the minor adviser for placement evaluation before they register.

See College of Liberal Arts Immersion information page  for more details.


Other Immersions supported by the Department:

Latino/Latina/Latin American studies immersion

The Latino/Latina/Latin American studies immersion allows students to study Latino or Latin American culture. The goal is to introduce students to the customs and culture (history, art, literature, politics, anthropology, music) of Latin America or of Latinos in the U.S. Students will also become aware of the relationship between language and culture and of the differences between their own language and culture and those of Spanish-speaking countries or Brazil.

See College of Liberal Arts Immersion information page  for more details.

Language Science Immersion

The language science immersion prepares students in the interdisciplinary scientific study and analysis of human language. Language science is directly applicable to students interested in computing and media, human-computer interaction, brain and cognition, language acquisition, human health, interpreting, relevant branches of engineering, and policy studies. Students can complete the immersion irrespective of their skills in languages other than English. Besides a core course on linguistic principles, students can choose electives covering technology of language, philosophy of language, and language in culture and society. Electives allow students to customize the immersion to their interests and needs, with the support of a faculty adviser.

See College of Liberal Arts Immersion information page  for more details.